Psychedelic Integration Program – Step #2B New Story Writing (Guided Ceremony)

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Welcome back to the second guided breathing and writing meditation. I invite you to create a lovely quiet place for yourself. A place where you are alone and cannot be disturbed. Take your time. Through this guided session you can integrate new insights and experiences.

Grab some paper, a notebook or diary and a pen. Maybe you would like to light a candle, close the curtains and get a lovely cup of tea. You are going through such a great process. Not always easy, but authentic. You will find new ways to gain more love and more joy in your life. You live your life from a whole new place, a new vision. Plant medications accelerate this process and give you insights into what might still stand in the way of old patterns, beliefs or stories that no longer serve you. They offer you opportunities for healing, expansion and growth.

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The preparation
Breathe in deeply into your stomach and then breathe out deeply
Bring your attention to the area around your heart
Welcome all the emotions and feelings that present themselves
Breathe in those emotions and feelings
Continue to breathe deeply

The visualisation
Now visualise a vast space like a meadow, the forest, the mountains or an ocean
Feel the nature around you
Make contact with the infinite possibilities we have as a human being
Feel that you are free
That there is no past to stop you

You have come into this body as a soul to bring something to this earth: your Being, your love, your creativity… To find your way in this earthly experience. You can choose how you want to play in this earthly experience, with all the infinite possibilities you have at your disposal. Make the choice from a place of love and harmony and not from (unconscious) fears. 

“Never be afraid to choose, even if you don’t know the answer yet”

The questions
You have this life, what are you going do with it? 
Do you live life to the fullest and experience enough joy and pleasure?
If you see yourself in this vast environment, through this visualisation, what do you want to choose for your life?
What do you want to do?
What is your vision?
What do you want to experience?
What are you surrendering to?
What new greater truth do you allow in your life?
Do you see your true beauty and power? Can you feel this? Can you make contact with this?
Can you say yes to your heart?
Can you say yes to your full potential?

Know that it is also very good if there are no direct or no answers, if you cannot make contact with your dreams, your heart or your vision yet. It is about the process and it is a pleasure to make room for it. There does not have to be an immediate result. It is about opening the door to the new one. That you open yourself up to new possibilities. Take the time to write down your insights in your notebook or diary.

This video is part of the free part of the Psychedelic Integration Program

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