Manifest growth in your life

5 Ways to Manifest Real Growth in Your Life

As we begin this new year, you, like a lot of people, are probably in the mood to manifest real growth in your life. The holidays are over and a new year lies ahead with so much potential. “I’m going to do things differently this year…” 

OK. So, how are you going to do this? 

First, let’s talk about the root of manifestation, and then let’s talk about 5 ways to manifest real growth in your life.

Manifestation is about INTENTION

When we talk about manifestation, we need to first ask ourselves, “Why do I want to manifest growth in the first place?” In short, what’s your intention?

Intention is the steering wheel of your universe. Intention is the driving force behind all your actions, words, and even your thoughts. Intention is what makes the world go ‘round, and it is even hardwired into your DNA: we are designed to have an intention behind our actions.

Think about it: our DNA is such that we know that when the feeling of hunger comes up, we have the intention to go out and seek sustenance so we can resolve our hunger. For our ancestors, this meant going out to hunt and gather. But today, it is this carnal intention that fuels us to get up everyday, work, make money, and buy food for ourselves and our families.

So what happens when that hunger is not just physical, but a psychological, emotional, or spiritual hunger? This is how we can really understand manifestation: when we crave profound growth in our life, we must first look to our intentions. Before we understand how to manifest this growth, we need to first understand WHY. Because in understanding the “why,” we can better understand the “how.” 

The 5 Ways to Manifest Real Growth

1. Be clear about your intention

As we just discussed, understanding your intention will help you be clear about your actions. Let’s say you want to manifest a change in your professional life: understanding your intention can help you be clear about the best way to do so (and if you should do so). 

  • Is your desire rooted in competition with other colleagues?
  • Is it about external validation – in the form of money, fame, clout?
  • Is your desire rooted in a wish to realize your potential?
  • Is your desire rooted in a wish to be more connected to your core values?

Over time, you will begin to understand that the more you strive for physical or external “success” the less fulfilling it will feel. And then, you may even choose not to pursue certain paths because they are not aligned with your inner wisdom.

Being clear about why you are doing something will help you stay closer to your inner wisdom.

And staying closer to that truth will allow your intention and energy to vibrate at an even higher frequency that will surely manifest the growth you seek.

2. Make space for the things you want

Sometimes growth and change comes knocking at our doorstep, but we don’t have the capacity to welcome it into our lives because we’re still holding onto the things that no longer serve us.

Maybe it’s a certain limiting belief that no longer serves us: “I’m too shy/slow/uneducated/etc to do that…”

Maybe it’s an actual role or identity that we have held onto our entire lives: “I can’t change careers, I’ve been doing this all my life!” Or “How am I supposed to do that – I’m a Mom/Dad!? What will people think?”

Or maybe it’s a lack of faith in the world around us that holds us back: “This could never work…people are too selfish.”

Holding onto these kinds of mindsets, roles, and expectations is like holding onto old junk in the closet that is needlessly taking up space. If you can bring yourself to let go of this “junk,” you’ll find that you have the room to welcome the things that you DO want to manifest into your life.

Being clear about why you are doing something will help you stay closer to your inner wisdom.

3. Put your energy into the things you care about most

Sometimes we also put an unnecessary amount of energy into what we think others want from us – sometimes known as “people pleasing.” Coming back to intention – when we only do what others want – we are not staying true to what our heart wants.

And when our actions are not aligned with what our heart wants, then we will not manifest the growth we seek. Our potential will be forever stunted.

This is a key component to the Law of Attraction – which you can read more about in my other article: 7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction.

Put your energy into the things you care about most – tap into the Law of Attraction: put your energy and focus into the things that make your heart sing, and you will start to see that energy come back to you.

4. Stay connected to your core values

In a very similar way, we also need to ensure that we stay aligned with our core values if we expect to manifest any lasting change in our life.

Sometimes we may be tempted to “temporarily” overlook our core beliefs and values in the hopes of a quick path to success. This may look like snubbing someone unfairly in the competitive pursuit of a professional goal. Or maybe it looks like speaking poorly of someone behind their back in the hopes of making yourself look better.

This kind of “temporary” compromise in core values will only backfire, if you haven’t already experienced this yourself. Staying true to the Law of Attraction, negative comments or actions will only manifest negative results in your life.

In order to stay aligned with your intention and positive manifestation, it is important that all of your actions stay true to those values closest to your heart. Only then will you be able to ensure that you manifest the most positive and lasting growth.

5. Surrender to the outcomes

One of the most critical points (and sometimes the hardest) is to surrender to outcomes. 

The universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes the manifested results of our actions may not look like we expected. This is OK!

This often happens because we are given what we need, not what we want. And in order to continue manifesting the growth and change you seek, it is important to surrender and accept the outcomes, no matter what they are.

If you get stuck in thinking, “Why didn’t it end up the way I wanted it to?” You are holding onto an expectation that will only distract you from learning the lessons that you are being asked to learn.

Accept the outcomes, surrender to the lessons, and allow yourself to keep growing and evolving because of them. The more you do this, the more aligned manifestations will feel to you in your life.

Step out of the way to manifest your growth

In order to manifest the greatest growth in your life, it is important to step out of your own way.

Stay aligned to your core values and beliefs, let go of that which no longer serves you, focus on the things that matter to you, be clear about your intentions – and then step OUT of the way.

This is the best way to allow your life to organically manifest the growth you seek.


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