My response to Ukraine

How I’ve been dealing with Ukraine

How I’ve been dealing with Ukraine:

I’ve been crying. 

Someone who has been loved, or loves themselves regardless of not being loved, will never go to war. War is really a reflection of men with too much money and power, living out their own pain and wounds. They’re living out their own pain and fear of being controlled.

The US/NATO have been in fear of Russia for years.

I don’t want to justify what Putin is doing – but we should look beyond the propaganda and avoid believing that he’s the only bad guy. Because – can you really trust the guy that says “I’m the good guy, they’re the bad guy?”

He isn’t the only bad guy. Our own governments are just as bad. I’m definitely not saying that everyone in our governments is bad. But think of it this way: they’re creating a war, together. NATO has been getting closer and closer to the Russian border over the last 30 years, putting more weapons there. Some of the people in control forget to focus on Union. On joining forces. Solving bigger world problems. To them, staying in control is a higher priority than feeding the starving, or as a humanity taking better care of our planet. It’s time that we return to love, to the understanding we’re all one.

And this is where we can really help them.

As healers, we choose to spend our lives healing those wounds – for both ourselves, and for humanity.

Every healer is here to do this work and they’ve chosen to spend their lifetime doing it. Healers understand that in order to get through it, you have to GO through it.

As I watch the news in Ukraine unfold, all I can do is cry.

We become peaceful by living through our pain – not just our own pain, but the collective pain of humanity. 

We’re all just adding to this creation we call life.

And while some people may think there’s no purpose to life – there is indeed a greater purpose. We are all on a path of healing, and it is conflicts like Ukraine that present us with the moment – the test – to deepen our healing. Individually, and as one humanity.

You cannot “skip to the good part.” You cannot avoid the steps of your path of healing.

You can’t just say, “Let me just focus on Love and my higher state of being,” if you’re really just suppressing the pain – whether it’s the pain of something in your personal life – or the greater pain of humanity.

Through feeling that pain, we take part in the collective healing.

When we see the pain unfolding in the world, we should not suppress it. We should FEEL it. 

Because through collectively feeling it, we are going through this together, as one humanity.

Let’s truly live in that love and higher consciousness. Not in spiritual “woo-woo,” but in true, authentic healing and loving understanding.


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