It's all worth it

It’s all Worth It

I just wish to remind you of something: it’s all worth it. All the suffering you are going through, all the pain and struggle – whether it is this in your business, in your relationship, in your finances, or with your physical well-being and health – it is all worth it because ultimately it is all a process of healing. I have been (and continue to be) in this process of healing, and trust me – the reward is coming, and there are some things you can do along the way to weather the storm.

I Have Struggled Too

I know life can be really, really hard. I have experienced it all. I have experienced it financially, in my career, even in my relationship. I have experienced rejection, being alone, not being seen, not feeling wanted – not feeling appreciated. I have gone through my pain and I have had my traumas in my childhood, in my life and in my adulthood. 

I have had moments where I felt like I didn’t know how to live. Moments when I wanted to give everything up, when I wanted to quit in my business because for years I had way more bills and invoices to pay than I had money for. I was constantly running and fighting to make ends meet. I kept trying to solve the situation (and often tried to “escape” the situation, at least in my head), but it never worked. I couldn’t get out, despite having worked so hard for years and years. I thought I wasn’t able to do it.

I felt imprisoned by life and didn’t know how to deal with my emotions. There was so much restlessness going on, and so much pain of the past was surfacing. So many things I didn’t want anymore, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. 

Nothing is happening against us, it’s all happening FOR us.

When you Want to Give Up…

Many of us (myself included) have trauma and pain buried deep within, and whenever we sense it coming up, we might try to run away from it. We try to escape it through trying to control, or taking actions without thinking, or simply drowning it in addictions.

But the answer to this struggle is not to escape or get out, but to see it as an opportunity to go IN. 

It is an opportunity for us to grow and get better, but more importantly, to heal. To heal the trauma, to heal the pain, to heal the conflict. Whatever lives inside – the things that we don’t know how to deal with, the things that we struggle with. 

And in order to heal those inner wounds, we have to look inside and face it. Experience it, feel it. Allow it to be. There is nothing to solve. There is nothing to escape from. There is only something to give your breath to fully allow it. 

When we close our eyes, when we go inside, we allow ourselves to trust the greatness of the universe, the greatness of Mother Earth, the greatness of the Great Spirit or God.

And when we have that trust, we begin to understand that nothing will ever happen that we can’t deal with, we no longer need to fight it. We don’t need to fix it. We don’t need to understand it. We just have trust and breathe into it.

We trust that nothing is happening against us – it is all happening for us. 

An Action Plan for Responding to Struggles

The only thing we need to do is with whatever lives inside, we need to allow it. We close our eyes. We give it our breath. We give it our full attention by breathing to it, breathing through it, allowing it and observing it from a place of self-loving observation. 

When we find that place of self-loving observation, we can see, “Yes, that is also a part of me. That pain, that trauma, the things that I did that I don’t like about myself, the things that I said that I don’t like about myself – it is all part of me, and that is OK. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is simply part of me, and it’s simply asking to be seen.”

When we fully see those parts of ourselves, when we fully allow ourselves to fully see all the parts of ourselves in a self loving observation that is when we heal, no longer fighting, no longer pushing, no longer escaping, just self-loving observation.

Through self-loving observation, anything can dissolve. We give it our breath. We give it our love. We experience it. And that is the only thing we need to do. It asks to be experienced. It asks to be seen in full, and that is when it simply dissolves in love.

The Reward is Coming

I understand this might be very difficult to hear, and that we might need to go through this process again and again as we discover more and more about the pain we’ve buried inside.

But I can say – after seeing this happen in hundreds of people who I have had the opportunity to guide in ceremony, after seeing it in my own path of becoming – I know that there is a reward. 

There is a big reward waiting for you when you are no longer triggered, when you are no longer struggling. The reward is bliss, it is abundance, it is magic. It is love, it is sexuality. It is creativity. It is gratitude.

The reward is that place where nothing needs to be done anymore simply because you can experience it in any and every moment.


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