7 Steps to Activate the Law of Attraction

7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction

A lot of people hear about the Secret Law of Attraction and think that it’s just some woo-woo passive phenomenon that either doesn’t exist or, if it does exist, it’s completely out of human’s control. What people don’t realize is that it’s actually very real and it is in fact very much in our control.

It’s not necessarily that we can control the outcomes – that is out of our control. But – we can control how we create space in our lives that invites the Law of Attraction organically.

In fact, there are some clear steps that you can take on a daily basis that will invite this energy into your life.

Let’s explore the 7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction:

1. The Law of Attraction Needs to Flow: Clear Your Mind & Drop the Conditioning

Day-in and day-out, we take in a massive amount of input from technology, our careers, the news, the society we live in, and the people in our closest friends and family circles.

It is a lot to take in, and it can often start to condition us to act or think in certain ways if we aren’t careful.

This kind of conditioning can block us from our heart, our truth – and from the energy that drives the Law of Attraction itself. In order to invite that energy, we must learn to clear our minds. We must drop the conditioning.

The first step to dropping the conditioning is a very physical step: literally distance yourself from that environment where you are most triggered into that conditioned mindset.

Go to the beach, go into the forest, jump in ice-cold water, or go into a sweat lodge. 

Get yourself to a place and experience that will awaken you and allow you to clear yourself from thoughts and emotions.

Become pure. 

You know you’ve become pure when you have that feeling of “emptiness” and stillness. 

2. Nourish your Soul with Rich Content

Once you’ve cleared yourself of life’s conditioning – once you are in a pure state – nourish your soul with rich content.

Read high quality or classic books.

Listen to inspirational music.

Go to a seminar.

Surround yourself with inspiring people. 

Give input that pushes your mind to think differently. Do this daily.

3. Listen to the Truth Already Deep in Your Heart

The heart wants what it wants.

But how many times do we actually hear it? How many times do we actually feel it?

This is easier said than done because of all that conditioning that we had to undo in Step 1. 

The way our mind is trained to think is what gets in the way of what our heart already knows to be true. 

So it is really important at this step to go back to Step 1 if you feel stuck. 

Once you truly release that conditioning, allow energy to flow through you. Follow the positivity, follow the warmth, follow the good feelings.

This energy is your guide.

Follow this energy even if the mind can’t explain what it means yet. Just connect with the feeling. Let the emotions of LOVE and JOY guide you. Always go where JOY is.

If you fear something, you’re on the right track.

4. Think without limitations and be decisive about your future

How can you use this energy practically in the real world?

Think big. 

What is the biggest thing you could manifest with this joy, this love, this abundance within you?

The Secret Law of Attraction is designed to find you and guide you towards those big dreams.

But we often get in our own way – because instead of seeing possibilities, we see limitations.

Instead of fixating on those limitations, look past them. When thoughts of limitations arise – just brush them off.

Ask yourself, “What would I do if there were no limitations?” (Because there aren’t any.)

What makes you feel energized? What excites you in life?

Whatever it is that makes you feel excited – this is what you should pursue.

Ignore what feels “safe” or “reasonable” or “understandable.”

Go Big, and be decisive about what that means to you.

5. Never avoid fear – the Law of Attraction thrives here!

If you fear something, you’re on the right track. 

Because if a fear comes up, it means you are walking in the direction of that thing that excites you most – of that thing that you are called to do. The thing that you would do if you weren’t so…afraid.

When you feel that fear, it means you’re on the journey you are meant to be on. Just allow that fear. Feel it. Observe it. Welcome it. Embrace it.

Be conscious that it’s simply a feeling, an old pattern – that it is distinctively different from who you are. You are not that fear. 

Where you feel fear, there lies your test. And the Law of Attraction thrives here – when you stop avoiding fear – this is how the Law of Attraction knows you’re ready. So go there.

6. Always focus on what you believe

As you begin to awaken the Secret Law of Attraction, it’s important to always stay aligned with what you believe. 

Stay aligned with your truth, with how you see yourself, your life, and your “place in it all.” 

This is often not a question that can be answered overnight – it is essentially the core of our existence. Knowing your truth is a lifelong process.

So it is important to stay aligned with that process, and with what is true to you in this moment.

Make this inner inquiry a daily habit – search and reflect and observe each and every day. 

This also means that the HOW is not so important. 

Do not waste energy trying to think of “how” to do anything. If you feel find yourself stuck in this mindset, just choose to let that go and let the energy flow.

Merge with that energy of greatness, excitement, joy, and abundant, limitless energy.

When you stay true to that core beauty within, the Law of Attraction recognizes this and rewards it.

7. Trust the Universe, always

The final step to activating the Law of Attraction is to fully surrender and trust the Universe. If what you want isn’t here yet: decide to trust the Universe that there is a reason for it and that it will come in time. 

This is usually the hardest, especially for the things that you’ve really wanted for years. 

In fact, some goals have taken me years to achieve, and I almost gave up many times. 

And you might find that you want to give up, too – but then what? Are you just going to live with the idea of what could have been for the rest of your life? 

No way. 

You trusting the Universe is the practice that gets rewarded when you truly trust. 

That’s the test of the Secret Law of Attraction.

You trusting the Universe is the greatest power you have and really, it is the only thing you can do. 

Because what else are you going to do? 

Not trust this abundant, mysterious, unlimited, beautiful, impossible-to-understand, ever-expanding, unconditional, great mystery of the Universe? 

Go. Do. Now.

The Secret Law of Attraction wants to work with you

We can’t just sit back idly and expect the universe to do everything for us – there are certain steps we need to take to activate the Secret Law of Attraction. Just like any dance takes two people, so two does the dance of life. If we expect the Law of Attraction to work for us, we must do our part to manifest that energetic connection. Clear your mind, let the energy flow, connect with your truth, and trust the mystery.


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