Psychedelic Integration Program – Step #2A Story

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Welcome to the second part of the Psychedelic Integration Program. I hope you had a great experience during the previous breath and writing meditation. I hope you are integrating your plant medicine experiences deeper and deeper into your body.

In the western world we are so result-oriented that we often want to apply an experience (such as with plant medicines) directly in our lives. Wanting to change our lives right away and putting into practice what we have learned or experienced. But to integrate experiences, it is much more about being & allowing, then doing something again and performing an action. We are also inclined to subconsciously project what is going on inside us onto our surroundings. We often forget to take responsibility for our own part in this. That is where the healing of a part of yourself comes in.

Integration takes time
Integration is not about integrating into the outside world, but about integrating into your inner world! When your experiences are deeply integrated, you automatically know what the right next steps are in your life. It takes time. Patience will be discussed in more detail in a later video, but patience is important in a transformation process.

I myself have been in training with many different shamans. Among others the Q’ero shamans from Peru. I have had several initiations there, but it does not start until after the training. Then you can apply it to your life. What the shamans understand is that nothing has a meaning, things only get a meaning when we assign it. Daring to let go of our stories, concepts and identifications takes a lot of courage. These stories, concepts and identifications give us something to hold on to in life. But if we dare to let it go, we will come even closer to ourselves, to our essence. There is a lot of inner peace because we have do not have to ‘do’ anything except be fully present in the Now – in the present moment. Admitting what there is, to emotions, feelings and events. Without listening to your mind, which wants to turn it into a story again in order to understand it.

“Nothing in itself has meaning, only the meaning we attach to it” 

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The invitation
When we follow this deep inner path we connect ourselves with our heart, with our subconscious, with our intuition, with our body and our breath, but also with what is bigger than ourselves: the cosmos, spirit or the universe, with nature and mother earth. In this way, our awareness grows and our vision and perception also grows. We do not want to be limited in this by all kinds of old ‘stories’ that we tell ourselves, but that no longer serve us. The invitation is to live out of love, abundance, harmony, connection and joy, without squeezing or ignoring our emotions (including anger). The invitation is to be as present as possible in the present moment, the Now. With everything there is.

“We live in a universe with infinite possibilities”

“We live in a universe with infinite possibilities”

We live in a universe with infinite possibilities. In a universe where we have a free choice to control our lives. Only you can choose a new reality, by connecting to a place within yourself that is much deeper than you may have experienced before. A place where your soul gets space too. The more often we dare to be silent, turn inward, open our hearts and connect with them, the easier it becomes to hear the desires of our souls.

In the next video I would like to invite you to a new guided session and writing meditation in which you can integrate new insights and experiences.

This video is part of the free part of the Psychedelic Integration Program

Click here for the next video: A guided writing session (rewriting your story).


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