Psychedelic Integration Program – Step #1A Timelessness

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Welcome, I have created this online program Psychedelic Integration to help you integrate your experience with plant medicines, entheogens or psychedelics into your life. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience and you will have a better feel and understanding of what you have seen.

If you are watching this video series, there is a good chance that you have had an experience with one of the world’s major plant medications.  Perhaps that was San Pedro, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Kambo, Iboga, Bufo Alvarius or maybe another. As you have experienced, these are special plant medications, with a lot of ‘Ancient Wisdom’. In this video series I want to help you with love and softness to gain a deeper understanding of what you have experienced. Not by ‘teaching’ you something, but by means of an invitation to look inwardly and find your wisdom there. In this training I offer you the space, the frameworks and the tools to do this. Why did I want to create this training?

How I came up with this training 
Four years ago I felt a bit lost after experiencing my very first plant medicine ceremony myself. Even though there was a lot of love and bliss at the same time. I had beautiful visions and it was a time of great transformation for me. However, at the same time, after this special experience, I wondered: what now? What do I do now? Actually, the first answer to that is: nothing. I will explain this to you below.

If you have just experienced a plant medicine ceremony, you will go through a deep transformation process. Maybe all your wounds from the past that have not yet healed or maybe even from past lives. At the same time, you may have had visions for the future. During a plant medicine ceremony you move in all directions: past, present and future. You experience a certain timelessness. It is the place where time does not exist. The first principle in this integration program is therefore: timelessness.

The first principle in the Psychedelic Integration Program
We are always invited to bring the lessons of plant medicine experience into our daily lives. We are always invited to heal something. To let go of something that no longer serves any purpose and to experience more expansion. And then really start to live that.

There are actually only two decisions you really have to make in life:
1. How do I live fully in every moment?
How do you live in the moment? How is your perception of your life right now? How do I stay in the present moment? The present moment is also timeless, the past is already over and the future has not yet arrived. So there’s only the Now.
2. What dream or vision do I have for my life and do I want to invite?   
What dream or vision do I have for the next ten, twenty, thirty years of my life? What feeling does the future give me and do I want to invite into my life? What is the vision I have for the next two years? With this you say to yourself and to the universe: this is the reality I want to create for myself. In this way, your vision will inform you and you will be able to make the right decisions at any given moment in order to move towards that future.  

Watch the video below

Task 1 in this video: do you really live in the moment?
Take a moment to think about these words. Tune in and consider what those two decisions I’m explaining are doing to you? Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your stomach and remain present with what you are feeling and experiencing. Are you really living in the moment? Or do you feel pain or sorrow?  Do you feel fear or love? Do you experience joy or abundance? It is important to realise that you do not have to change anything about these feelings. The invitation is precisely to fully accept and allow what is there. Even if it is terribly deep pain, or enormous sadness. Feelings and emotions that we do not like also allow us to breathe with them.   

“Healing and letting go of something is as hard as we make it”
The thing that consumes a lot of energy is (unconsciously) pushing away emotions and feelings. As well as resisting what is happening in our lives or the emotions we experience. This resistance consumes an enormous amount of energy. But if we can be and remain fully present with these emotions and feelings, even if we do not like them, the sooner they will get a place and the more energy we have left. Then we have enough energy to deal with the situation, event or feelings in the right way. 

Task 2 in this video: what is your vision?
In essence, we as human beings are makers or creators. We also create our own life and our future. We live on a planet in a universe of infinite possibilities! There are always more possibilities than you think and can see at first glance. Our thoughts affect what we create in our lives. Because of negative thoughts, for example, you are not open to positive results and you will not be able to create them very quickly. What you believe in, you will create. So if you do not believe in something, consciously or unconsciously, you will not be able to create or manifest it either. So it is good to be aware of that. Hereby the invitation to make at least one decision in this moment, even if you do not know what your dream, vision or goal exactly is: see yourself living a life of love, abundance and joy in the future. 

“See yourself living a life of love, abundance and joy in the future.” 

Now take ten to twenty minutes to start writing and integrate your plant medicine experience. Take a book or diary and write intuitively about your experience. You might also want to write about the insights from this first video.  I will guide you through this in the next video.

This video is part of the free part of the Psychedelic Integration Program

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