Psychedelic Integration Program – Introduction

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Welcome, I have created this online program Psychedelic Integration to help you integrate your experience with plant medicines, entheogens or psychedelics into your life. This will allow you to get the most out of your experience and you will have a better feel and understanding of what you have seen.

In recent years I have seen many people around me who found it difficult to actually integrate their experiences in a plant medicine ceremony into their lives. Maybe you have experiences with San Pedro, Psilocybin Mushrooms or Truffles (which I also work with myself because they are legal in the Netherlands), Kambo, Iboga, Bufo Alvarius or maybe another. As you have experienced, these are special plant medications, with a lot of ‘Ancient Wisdom’. Every plant medicine ceremony requires us to integrate the experience. To bring the experience into our daily lives. How do we bring the experience, insights and new vision to our daily lives, to our family or business? In this training we integrate the experiences using different principles from the ‘Ancient Wisdom’ of the shamans. 

Ancient Wisdom
I myself have had several shamanic mentors, during which I received training and initiations. Among others from the Q’ero shamans. Each and every one of them very wise older men who confronted me, sometimes straightforwardly and sometimes with a lot of pleasure, with the stories and identifications that I held on to, but that had not served me for a long time. All this wisdom of the shamans and insights I would like to share with you through this program.  

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A beautiful plant medicine ceremony, but then what?
A few years ago I felt a bit lost, confused and overwhelmed after experiencing my very first plant medicine ceremony myself. Even though there was a lot of love and bliss at the same time. I had beautiful visions and it was a time of great transformation for me. However, at the same time, after this special experience, I wondered: what now? What do I do now?

If you have just experienced a plant medicine ceremony, you will go through a deep transformation process. Maybe all your wounds from the past that have not yet healed or maybe even from past lives. At the same time, you may have had visions for the future. It is important to take the time to deeply integrate this experience, these lessons and insights. And as they integrate, they integrate and unfold far beyond what you ever thought was possible! Many years later you will see how the insights in your life have unfolded and then you will realise that in the ceremony you have learned lessons that you did not think you needed.

 “Integration way beyond your imagination”

About this program
This is such a beautiful and deep path to walk, a path that yields so much. I have created this program from my heart in which you will integrate your experiences step by step. A program in ten steps based on 7 principles. In which I give you space and frameworks to discover your own wisdom through 3 profound guided breathing and writing meditations. I cordially invite you to follow this whole training, of which the first three parts plus 2 guided breathing and writing meditations are completely free of charge. 

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