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Plant medicine: the only VR you need

Plant medicine is a pair of goggles.

Just like a virtual reality headset, plant medicine gives us the ability to see life’s “blind spots.” Those blind spots have always been there – we’ve just been…blind to them!

Maybe we are secretly afraid to see them or we’ve been so busy “being busy” that we’re unaware.

So we keep hustling in our career or getting wrapped up in our daily family roles – without looking within.

It is these blind spots that keep our lives small, “safe,” & limited.

When you hide behind the illusion of success

For years, I was obsessed with building a life and career that I perceived as “successful.” After a painful childhood of bullying, it had become my life mission to prove the world wrong. That little boy inside of me was so desperate to be seen that I did everything I could to be seen as successful.

This manifested in building a successful career as an entrepreneur, as a health coach, and author. Material success also became an important benchmark for me to prove my success: owning the car of my dreams, the house of my dreams, the watch of my dreams – for so long, all of these seemed to be indicators of my success.

And despite all that success…I still felt empty. I still felt dissatisfaction and frustration with my life. What was going on?

Plant medicine completely transformed

my life – and I want to help you do the same.

How my life changed with plant medicine

That weekend that I had my very first plant medicine ceremony – this was the first time that I “put the goggles on” – the first time I stepped into the “VR” of plant medicine. And from that moment, my entire life changed. “Part 2” of my life began.

Since that date, I have found more peace in my life:

  • I have developed a deeper connection to Mother Earth.
  • I have become a better person in my community and to the people in my life.
  • I have traded my need for success with self-love, awareness, presence, and connection.

Years after that first ceremony, I have been walking the path of plant medicine and can now share my story with you as a practicing medicine man. 

Plant medicine completely transformed my life – and I want to help you do the same.

Plant medicines are here to help you

A lot of people confuse plant medicines for drugs, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes – if you are using plants as a way to escape your life – to escape difficult emotions, memories, or situations – yes. It is a drug.

And plants are not intended to be taken as a drug, and in fact: doing so greatly limits their potential.

Plant medicines are more like nature’s gateway to a virtual reality: they are the goggles that help us to see what has been limiting our potential. 

In fact, there are four core ways in which plant medicine can help you:

1. Find a New Perspective for Your Life

The medicine expands what already lives inside of you, allowing you to see what you weren’t consciously aware of. 

This could be a way of thinking or an unhealed trauma. 

For example, plant medicine may expand the anger that you still have towards someone from the past, giving you a new perspective on a situation.

Just like when the plant medicine helped me have a new perspective on my conflicted relationship with my business partner and mentor. If it weren’t for plant medicine – I would have been stuck in a situation that just wasn’t working anymore.

If you always look at something from the same negative emotions, you aren’t looking at it from the highest good. There is always potential to receive a new perspective.

2. See Your New Future

With that new perspective, you are able to see a new future for yourself. You are able to see your potential in a new way, and you are able to see the path your heart wants to be walking. 

You can see a new way of approaching situations.

You can see a new opportunity for growth in your personal or professional life.

You can see a new outcome for your life – if you make new choices.

For many people, they may even see literal visions of their future (just like when the plant medicine showed me that I would one day be a plant medicine man – and here we are!).

Plant medicines are more like nature’s gateway to a virtual reality:

they are the goggles that help us to

see what has been limiting our potential. 

3. Communicate with Spirits

Plants have been here longer than us and will remain here longer than us. Plant medicine offers a direct line of communication to the Great Spirit – the divine force that connects all living beings. Many people will receive messages from these spirits while in a plant medicine ceremony.

It was in a sacred plant medicine ceremony that I received a direct message from the spirits, which I later found out to be the timeless Sacred Dream: a vision for humanity which has connected countless generations of shamans.

4. Remember Your Truth

Just as plant medicine removes our blind spots, it also sheds light on our truth. Perhaps you’ve been in a life-long pursuit of a career that your family wanted for you – maybe to be a lawyer, without realizing that your true calling is to work with animals!

Or you are like me – and the plant medicines help you realize that you have been trapped in a business relationship that does not serve you or the other person.

Or on an even deeper level – you remember your true connection to Mother Earth.

Plant medicine will help you find the truths that have been hidden by your blind spots.

Plant Medicine: The virtual reality that will change your living reality

Plant medicine is here to help you – it’s as simple as putting on a pair of virtual reality “goggles” and seeing the inner world that you’ve been missing.

All that you are asked is to take that first brave step into the unknown – to be willing to question everything you thought you knew and to be willing to face the parts of yourself that you have been suppressing, avoiding, or running from. To be willing to face the traumas and pain of your past and to begin the process of letting go and healing. 

Plant medicine is here to help you with that – it always has been and always will be.

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