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010 – Remember

Who are you and where did you come from? Entrepreneur Jesse van der Velde guides you on a path of remembering your soul’s source and discovering how this path of remembering can inform not just your life but your day-to-day business.

  • Why do you own a business?
  • When you die, what is it that you’d like to leave behind?
  • How can your business serve a larger mission?
  • How can remembering your truth align with your day-to-day business?

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When our planet was created, Mother Earth provided all medicine. She provided medicine for our physical well being – an abundance of food and water – so that we can survive and thrive on this planet. She gave us the medicine we need for physical healing – the food and plant medicines that allow us to endure and survive. But Mother Earth also gave us the medicine we need for our emotional and spiritual healing – the medicine that helps us to reconnect with the place where we came from – to Remember our truth on the path of becoming.

Where did you come from?

“Who are you?” When you were born on this Earth, where did you come from? Where did your soul come from?

Is your body merely flesh and blood with a brain and memory that can create thoughts? 

Where does consciousness resonate from? Is consciousness merely happening within our brain? 

Or is there a greater consciousness outside of our brain, around us? Connecting us? Holding information, guiding our thoughts, and guiding the consciousness of humans? A greater consciousness that informs our life, our thoughts, our emotions, and our process?

To the Q’ero shamans, and to any shamanic or spiritual traditions, our soul stems from a place in the stars. You are a star being – a being of light. Currently traveling on this planet and walking here in this experiment that is called “life on Earth.”

Humans come down on this planet to learn and meet each other with a mission to learn certain lessons and to heal. 

And it’s the great paradox in life that we are here with our limitations – in a body of flesh and blood – with the mission of remembering our infinity.

To understand that we are beings of light – limited to this simple body of flesh and blood.

The Memories in our Soul

When the physical body dies, what’s left is merely that: just the physical body. The DNA is still there, but the light is gone; consciousness is gone. We are temporarily housed in this physical body – but our soul emanates a luminous energy field that brings this physical body to life.

Our soul is infinite. It is a source of light and intelligence that brings information from our other lifetimes – imprinted within us like memories.

Not like the memories that we understand in daily life – like the memories we have of something that happened last year or last week – but memories that we don’t have visuals for. Because we never saw these memories with our current, physical eyes in this lifetime.

Yet somehow we remember.

It’s a feeling like going to a place where you’re sure that you’ve been there before, but you can’t place the feeling because you haven’t been there before in this lifetime.

Yet somehow you remember. 

This feeling of remembering is one of the common feelings that people share after going through a psychedelic experience. Somehow we suddenly remember that we are more than flesh and blood. Suddenly remembering that there is a God – a great Spirit – a consciousness outside of our physical body where information, knowledge, and light are available. 

We remember that healing is available.

We Borrow Planet Earth

We don’t inherit Planet Earth from our Grandparents. We don’t inherit this planet from our parents. 

We borrow this planet from our children. We borrow it from our children’s children. 

When we walk this earth with this awareness, we place things in a whole different perspective. 

We start to perceive that Earth is part of a solar system with a sun and moon, other planets, and an Earth. It’s the only livable planet for us currently in this solar system.

We start to ask, “How important is everything I value right now? Will that make this planet better for my children and my children’s children?”

How important is your business, or the problems that you are currently dealing with? You might even be stressed about them. How important are they truly, on a large scale of things?

“When I die, what is it that I’d like to leave behind?”

If we reflect back to the day that we were born, we can remember that our soul descended down in this physical body with the simple mission to learn. We are here with complete freedom of choice to do whatever we wish to do.

We have the freedom to do whatever we want and to go in every direction we want – choosing whatever goal we want. Because our success in business or finance doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

At this point of realization, we can let ourselves be informed from our SOUL rather than our EGO. Our ego is afraid to be hurt, it’s afraid that it won’t be good enough, and it’s afraid to be seen – yet also afraid not to be seen.

When we take the time to become still, to sit in silence, to remember this – we get informed by something greater.

When we are informed by our soul, we feel the subtle energy of merely bringing love and light and supporting this greater awakening that Earth is currently in. 


Understanding that we are borrowing Planet Earth, and perhaps feeling the call to have made a meaningful impact when we die – we begin asking such questions as:

  • How can my business serve the larger mission?
  • How can I bring meaning to my business?
  • How can I support the world in a much larger awakening?
  • What kind of impact can I have that will truly matter for my children’s children?

It is easy to fall into the trap of carrying the world’s problems on our shoulders. This is a trap because this is something the ego wants. The ego wants to fix things.

There is a fine line here between protecting our business and doing the things that are right for our business – such as protecting its finances; its distribution; its business plan; and its strategy. On the other hand, we ask ourselves how to make our business more meaningful and supportive. 

There is a big challenge in bringing these two together and in order to accomplish this, we have to walk our spiritual path. A technique I have learned to navigate this is “Switching.” 

Switching is the ability to find – through our breath and through our stillness – the simple connection to our soul and to the great spirit. Switching means being able to let this connection inform us in the present moment while at the same time, being able to switch when it is required of you, to switch back to your business mindset. 

To switch back to our two feet on the ground: “What is practically needed?” 

Being able to do what is practically needed for our business and for achieving goals.

Being able to recognize when we are trying to escape through our habits of watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, or even seemingly positive habits like reading and self-development – to be able to recognize when we are using these to escape what is being asked of us – practically and spiritually.

And conversely, being able to recognize when our spiritual practice has become an escape. Too many people retreat to their spiritual practice too often and forget to DO in life. They forget to follow along their path and stop taking responsibility for what they need to be doing. You are also here on Earth; you are also participating in a system, whether you like it or not. 

You were gifted this life; what are you going to do with it?

Surrender to Remember

In order to remember, we must first surrender.

And the answer of how to surrender is found in life. The answer is found through walking your journey and in each moment we can – we surrender so that we become still.

From that moment of stillness, we begin to remember who we are beyond our physical manifestation – beyond our identity as an entrepreneur or business person. 

We remember that we are a light body and remembering becomes more than knowing; it becomes a feeling. It becomes something that lives deep inside of you – where it’s not a story that you’ve heard from someone else or that you read in a book – where it becomes truly authentic.

We can reconnect with the flow of life. We can set our intentions and choose consciously the path that feels most true to our soul.

When walking this path in life, always make decisions from the basis of, “I remember: I’m a light body here on Earth. This Earth was not gifted to me by my father or mother. I’m borrowing this Earth from my children’s children. From that place, let me make wise choices in this life wisely so there is also a place for them to live.”

Remember to surrender – surrender to remember.


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