The Great Awakening

My Take on the Great Awakening

Who are “they” to say that I cannot cross a border, or visit my parents in their house and hug them?

Many of us have been taught to see ourselves as separate from God, as separate from Earth, and separate from each other. But it is this mindset that really has brought us deeper into a time of darkness, when we seem to believe we are more different from each other than we are the same. And therefore, we treat each other differently as well, and we allow people in power to implement rules that reinforce this belief as well – like who we can and cannot visit in the past 2 years.

But now is the time for us to see that we’re all ONE.  

My response to Ukraine

How I’ve been dealing with Ukraine

How I’ve been dealing with Ukraine:

I’ve been crying. 

Someone who has been loved, or loves themselves regardless of not being loved, will never go to war. War is really a reflection of men with too much money and power, living out their own pain and wounds. They’re living out their own pain and fear of being controlled.

It's all worth it

It’s all Worth It

I just wish to remind you of something: it’s all worth it. All the suffering you are going through, all the pain and struggle – whether it is this in your business, in your relationship, in your finances, or with your physical well-being and health – it is all worth it because ultimately it is all a process of healing. I have been (and continue to be) in this process of healing, and trust me – the reward is coming, and there are some things you can do along the way to weather the storm.

I Have Struggled Too

I know life can be really, really hard. I have experienced it all. I have experienced it financially, in my career, even in my relationship. I have experienced rejection, being alone, not being seen, not feeling wanted – not feeling appreciated. I have gone through my pain and I have had my traumas in my childhood, in my life and in my adulthood. 

I have had moments where I felt like I didn’t know how to live. Moments when I wanted to give everything up, when I wanted to quit in my business because for years I had way more bills and invoices to pay than I had money for. I was constantly running and fighting to make ends meet. I kept trying to solve the situation (and often tried to “escape” the situation, at least in my head), but it never worked. I couldn’t get out, despite having worked so hard for years and years. I thought I wasn’t able to do it.

I felt imprisoned by life and didn’t know how to deal with my emotions. There was so much restlessness going on, and so much pain of the past was surfacing. So many things I didn’t want anymore, but I didn’t know how to get out of it. 

Nothing is happening against us, it’s all happening FOR us.

When you Want to Give Up…

Many of us (myself included) have trauma and pain buried deep within, and whenever we sense it coming up, we might try to run away from it. We try to escape it through trying to control, or taking actions without thinking, or simply drowning it in addictions.

But the answer to this struggle is not to escape or get out, but to see it as an opportunity to go IN. 

It is an opportunity for us to grow and get better, but more importantly, to heal. To heal the trauma, to heal the pain, to heal the conflict. Whatever lives inside – the things that we don’t know how to deal with, the things that we struggle with. 

And in order to heal those inner wounds, we have to look inside and face it. Experience it, feel it. Allow it to be. There is nothing to solve. There is nothing to escape from. There is only something to give your breath to fully allow it. 

When we close our eyes, when we go inside, we allow ourselves to trust the greatness of the universe, the greatness of Mother Earth, the greatness of the Great Spirit or God.

And when we have that trust, we begin to understand that nothing will ever happen that we can’t deal with, we no longer need to fight it. We don’t need to fix it. We don’t need to understand it. We just have trust and breathe into it.

We trust that nothing is happening against us – it is all happening for us. 

An Action Plan for Responding to Struggles

The only thing we need to do is with whatever lives inside, we need to allow it. We close our eyes. We give it our breath. We give it our full attention by breathing to it, breathing through it, allowing it and observing it from a place of self-loving observation. 

When we find that place of self-loving observation, we can see, “Yes, that is also a part of me. That pain, that trauma, the things that I did that I don’t like about myself, the things that I said that I don’t like about myself – it is all part of me, and that is OK. It is not right. It is not wrong. It is simply part of me, and it’s simply asking to be seen.”

When we fully see those parts of ourselves, when we fully allow ourselves to fully see all the parts of ourselves in a self loving observation that is when we heal, no longer fighting, no longer pushing, no longer escaping, just self-loving observation.

Through self-loving observation, anything can dissolve. We give it our breath. We give it our love. We experience it. And that is the only thing we need to do. It asks to be experienced. It asks to be seen in full, and that is when it simply dissolves in love.

The Reward is Coming

I understand this might be very difficult to hear, and that we might need to go through this process again and again as we discover more and more about the pain we’ve buried inside.

But I can say – after seeing this happen in hundreds of people who I have had the opportunity to guide in ceremony, after seeing it in my own path of becoming – I know that there is a reward. 

There is a big reward waiting for you when you are no longer triggered, when you are no longer struggling. The reward is bliss, it is abundance, it is magic. It is love, it is sexuality. It is creativity. It is gratitude.

The reward is that place where nothing needs to be done anymore simply because you can experience it in any and every moment.

Manifest growth in your life

5 Ways to Manifest Real Growth in Your Life

As we begin this new year, you, like a lot of people, are probably in the mood to manifest real growth in your life. The holidays are over and a new year lies ahead with so much potential. “I’m going to do things differently this year…” 

OK. So, how are you going to do this? 

First, let’s talk about the root of manifestation, and then let’s talk about 5 ways to manifest real growth in your life.

Manifestation is about INTENTION

When we talk about manifestation, we need to first ask ourselves, “Why do I want to manifest growth in the first place?” In short, what’s your intention?

Intention is the steering wheel of your universe. Intention is the driving force behind all your actions, words, and even your thoughts. Intention is what makes the world go ‘round, and it is even hardwired into your DNA: we are designed to have an intention behind our actions.

Think about it: our DNA is such that we know that when the feeling of hunger comes up, we have the intention to go out and seek sustenance so we can resolve our hunger. For our ancestors, this meant going out to hunt and gather. But today, it is this carnal intention that fuels us to get up everyday, work, make money, and buy food for ourselves and our families.

So what happens when that hunger is not just physical, but a psychological, emotional, or spiritual hunger? This is how we can really understand manifestation: when we crave profound growth in our life, we must first look to our intentions. Before we understand how to manifest this growth, we need to first understand WHY. Because in understanding the “why,” we can better understand the “how.” 

The 5 Ways to Manifest Real Growth

1. Be clear about your intention

As we just discussed, understanding your intention will help you be clear about your actions. Let’s say you want to manifest a change in your professional life: understanding your intention can help you be clear about the best way to do so (and if you should do so). 

  • Is your desire rooted in competition with other colleagues?
  • Is it about external validation – in the form of money, fame, clout?
  • Is your desire rooted in a wish to realize your potential?
  • Is your desire rooted in a wish to be more connected to your core values?

Over time, you will begin to understand that the more you strive for physical or external “success” the less fulfilling it will feel. And then, you may even choose not to pursue certain paths because they are not aligned with your inner wisdom.

Being clear about why you are doing something will help you stay closer to your inner wisdom.

And staying closer to that truth will allow your intention and energy to vibrate at an even higher frequency that will surely manifest the growth you seek.

2. Make space for the things you want

Sometimes growth and change comes knocking at our doorstep, but we don’t have the capacity to welcome it into our lives because we’re still holding onto the things that no longer serve us.

Maybe it’s a certain limiting belief that no longer serves us: “I’m too shy/slow/uneducated/etc to do that…”

Maybe it’s an actual role or identity that we have held onto our entire lives: “I can’t change careers, I’ve been doing this all my life!” Or “How am I supposed to do that – I’m a Mom/Dad!? What will people think?”

Or maybe it’s a lack of faith in the world around us that holds us back: “This could never work…people are too selfish.”

Holding onto these kinds of mindsets, roles, and expectations is like holding onto old junk in the closet that is needlessly taking up space. If you can bring yourself to let go of this “junk,” you’ll find that you have the room to welcome the things that you DO want to manifest into your life.

Being clear about why you are doing something will help you stay closer to your inner wisdom.

3. Put your energy into the things you care about most

Sometimes we also put an unnecessary amount of energy into what we think others want from us – sometimes known as “people pleasing.” Coming back to intention – when we only do what others want – we are not staying true to what our heart wants.

And when our actions are not aligned with what our heart wants, then we will not manifest the growth we seek. Our potential will be forever stunted.

This is a key component to the Law of Attraction – which you can read more about in my other article: 7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction.

Put your energy into the things you care about most – tap into the Law of Attraction: put your energy and focus into the things that make your heart sing, and you will start to see that energy come back to you.

4. Stay connected to your core values

In a very similar way, we also need to ensure that we stay aligned with our core values if we expect to manifest any lasting change in our life.

Sometimes we may be tempted to “temporarily” overlook our core beliefs and values in the hopes of a quick path to success. This may look like snubbing someone unfairly in the competitive pursuit of a professional goal. Or maybe it looks like speaking poorly of someone behind their back in the hopes of making yourself look better.

This kind of “temporary” compromise in core values will only backfire, if you haven’t already experienced this yourself. Staying true to the Law of Attraction, negative comments or actions will only manifest negative results in your life.

In order to stay aligned with your intention and positive manifestation, it is important that all of your actions stay true to those values closest to your heart. Only then will you be able to ensure that you manifest the most positive and lasting growth.

5. Surrender to the outcomes

One of the most critical points (and sometimes the hardest) is to surrender to outcomes. 

The universe works in mysterious ways, and sometimes the manifested results of our actions may not look like we expected. This is OK!

This often happens because we are given what we need, not what we want. And in order to continue manifesting the growth and change you seek, it is important to surrender and accept the outcomes, no matter what they are.

If you get stuck in thinking, “Why didn’t it end up the way I wanted it to?” You are holding onto an expectation that will only distract you from learning the lessons that you are being asked to learn.

Accept the outcomes, surrender to the lessons, and allow yourself to keep growing and evolving because of them. The more you do this, the more aligned manifestations will feel to you in your life.

Step out of the way to manifest your growth

In order to manifest the greatest growth in your life, it is important to step out of your own way.

Stay aligned to your core values and beliefs, let go of that which no longer serves you, focus on the things that matter to you, be clear about your intentions – and then step OUT of the way.

This is the best way to allow your life to organically manifest the growth you seek.

7 Steps to Activate the Law of Attraction

7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction

A lot of people hear about the Secret Law of Attraction and think that it’s just some woo-woo passive phenomenon that either doesn’t exist or, if it does exist, it’s completely out of human’s control. What people don’t realize is that it’s actually very real and it is in fact very much in our control.

It’s not necessarily that we can control the outcomes – that is out of our control. But – we can control how we create space in our lives that invites the Law of Attraction organically.

In fact, there are some clear steps that you can take on a daily basis that will invite this energy into your life.

Let’s explore the 7 Steps to Activate the Secret Law of Attraction:

1. The Law of Attraction Needs to Flow: Clear Your Mind & Drop the Conditioning

Day-in and day-out, we take in a massive amount of input from technology, our careers, the news, the society we live in, and the people in our closest friends and family circles.

It is a lot to take in, and it can often start to condition us to act or think in certain ways if we aren’t careful.

This kind of conditioning can block us from our heart, our truth – and from the energy that drives the Law of Attraction itself. In order to invite that energy, we must learn to clear our minds. We must drop the conditioning.

The first step to dropping the conditioning is a very physical step: literally distance yourself from that environment where you are most triggered into that conditioned mindset.

Go to the beach, go into the forest, jump in ice-cold water, or go into a sweat lodge. 

Get yourself to a place and experience that will awaken you and allow you to clear yourself from thoughts and emotions.

Become pure. 

You know you’ve become pure when you have that feeling of “emptiness” and stillness. 

2. Nourish your Soul with Rich Content

Once you’ve cleared yourself of life’s conditioning – once you are in a pure state – nourish your soul with rich content.

Read high quality or classic books.

Listen to inspirational music.

Go to a seminar.

Surround yourself with inspiring people. 

Give input that pushes your mind to think differently. Do this daily.

3. Listen to the Truth Already Deep in Your Heart

The heart wants what it wants.

But how many times do we actually hear it? How many times do we actually feel it?

This is easier said than done because of all that conditioning that we had to undo in Step 1. 

The way our mind is trained to think is what gets in the way of what our heart already knows to be true. 

So it is really important at this step to go back to Step 1 if you feel stuck. 

Once you truly release that conditioning, allow energy to flow through you. Follow the positivity, follow the warmth, follow the good feelings.

This energy is your guide.

Follow this energy even if the mind can’t explain what it means yet. Just connect with the feeling. Let the emotions of LOVE and JOY guide you. Always go where JOY is.

If you fear something, you’re on the right track.

4. Think without limitations and be decisive about your future

How can you use this energy practically in the real world?

Think big. 

What is the biggest thing you could manifest with this joy, this love, this abundance within you?

The Secret Law of Attraction is designed to find you and guide you towards those big dreams.

But we often get in our own way – because instead of seeing possibilities, we see limitations.

Instead of fixating on those limitations, look past them. When thoughts of limitations arise – just brush them off.

Ask yourself, “What would I do if there were no limitations?” (Because there aren’t any.)

What makes you feel energized? What excites you in life?

Whatever it is that makes you feel excited – this is what you should pursue.

Ignore what feels “safe” or “reasonable” or “understandable.”

Go Big, and be decisive about what that means to you.

5. Never avoid fear – the Law of Attraction thrives here!

If you fear something, you’re on the right track. 

Because if a fear comes up, it means you are walking in the direction of that thing that excites you most – of that thing that you are called to do. The thing that you would do if you weren’t so…afraid.

When you feel that fear, it means you’re on the journey you are meant to be on. Just allow that fear. Feel it. Observe it. Welcome it. Embrace it.

Be conscious that it’s simply a feeling, an old pattern – that it is distinctively different from who you are. You are not that fear. 

Where you feel fear, there lies your test. And the Law of Attraction thrives here – when you stop avoiding fear – this is how the Law of Attraction knows you’re ready. So go there.

6. Always focus on what you believe

As you begin to awaken the Secret Law of Attraction, it’s important to always stay aligned with what you believe. 

Stay aligned with your truth, with how you see yourself, your life, and your “place in it all.” 

This is often not a question that can be answered overnight – it is essentially the core of our existence. Knowing your truth is a lifelong process.

So it is important to stay aligned with that process, and with what is true to you in this moment.

Make this inner inquiry a daily habit – search and reflect and observe each and every day. 

This also means that the HOW is not so important. 

Do not waste energy trying to think of “how” to do anything. If you feel find yourself stuck in this mindset, just choose to let that go and let the energy flow.

Merge with that energy of greatness, excitement, joy, and abundant, limitless energy.

When you stay true to that core beauty within, the Law of Attraction recognizes this and rewards it.

7. Trust the Universe, always

The final step to activating the Law of Attraction is to fully surrender and trust the Universe. If what you want isn’t here yet: decide to trust the Universe that there is a reason for it and that it will come in time. 

This is usually the hardest, especially for the things that you’ve really wanted for years. 

In fact, some goals have taken me years to achieve, and I almost gave up many times. 

And you might find that you want to give up, too – but then what? Are you just going to live with the idea of what could have been for the rest of your life? 

No way. 

You trusting the Universe is the practice that gets rewarded when you truly trust. 

That’s the test of the Secret Law of Attraction.

You trusting the Universe is the greatest power you have and really, it is the only thing you can do. 

Because what else are you going to do? 

Not trust this abundant, mysterious, unlimited, beautiful, impossible-to-understand, ever-expanding, unconditional, great mystery of the Universe? 

Go. Do. Now.

The Secret Law of Attraction wants to work with you

We can’t just sit back idly and expect the universe to do everything for us – there are certain steps we need to take to activate the Secret Law of Attraction. Just like any dance takes two people, so two does the dance of life. If we expect the Law of Attraction to work for us, we must do our part to manifest that energetic connection. Clear your mind, let the energy flow, connect with your truth, and trust the mystery.

How to deal with social triggers

How to deal with social triggers

Social triggers seem to abound in the world we live in. One person says this, one government does this, and we are all up in arms. We feel enraged, we feel saddened, we feel divided, we feel…triggered. And as we live through this moment in history it can be easy to forget that we play a part in how this time in history will unfold. 

There is a difference between History, and “HIS”-story. And the difference lies within all of us.

Change is inevitable

As we head into this swiftly approaching New Year, all kinds of reflection comes up for me. And in that reflection, I am reminded of the inevitability of change.

Change is inevitable – and if you’re not adapting, you’re going to be left behind. We’ve seen this in humanity since the dawn of time – thousands of years ago, if you were living in a jungle somewhere, you’d have to learn to adapt to your environment or you’d be killed.

And even today, we see the same: if you are a business owner that refuses to adapt to the changing times and demands of the market – then you will be left behind.

So as we see this, we can recognize that any moment we experience in our society is merely a time in history. We have come to this point in history because of how things have changed and adapted until this point. And just as change has brought us here, so too will change take us from this time. 

At the end of the day, history is merely “his” story – and right now there are many stories going on surrounding what is right and wrong about COVID, the vaccine, governmental responses, and the people’s responses. Among all these stories, change will come, and this time of history will pass to a new beginning. We will all look back at this time and say, that was history. This is what happened – and this is what changed.

But the question is – how will this change happen, and who is responsible for it?

Trigger or be triggered: the choice is yours

People often forget that what we think of as history, and what we think of as our current reality – these are all part of our own creation. We are all taking place in this creation that Earth is. And with that, no outcome is set in stone. 

Certain people have preferred outcomes, but in the end, they are just that: preferred.

Ultimately, we get to decide that outcome. We each make choices in our lives that are informed by our world view. They are informed by what we believe to be true, by what our heart is telling us. And if we stay aligned with this (more on this later) – and if others stay aligned with what they believe to be true – then we can be sure that the outcome that becomes history is the outcome that is right for all of us.

Whatever “outcome” is most shared and spoken – this will be the most probable outcome because we have consciously or unconsciously allowed it to happen.

And again, this is just because of the amount of attention given to it. For that reason, we cannot blame the people or the governments that trigger the emotional responses we feel towards the change.

But what we can do is deal with how we experience these triggers, through our own healing practices. We can choose to be triggered, or to trigger change.

There is a difference between history and “HIS” story. And the difference lies within all of us.

Heal, or continue to be driven by social triggers

Many of us live our lives in a constant state of reaction. We become triggered by the pain and trauma we feel from our past (and past lifetimes), and also by the social triggers we face on a daily basis. And when we live in that state of reaction day-in-and-day-out, we settle into a kind of “escape” mindset.

The only way we cannot heal is if we escape the reality that is going on inside – no matter who, what, how, when, why you feel triggered into the cycle of patterns and pain.

So your core task is to always face whatever is whatever you are feeling. Face it. Dance to it. Breathe through it. Allow it to open. Allow it to be. If you are meditating. Meditate with it. If you are doing breathwork, breathe into it. If you are dancing, dance with it. Go dance away from it. Dance with it. It is always done by facing it rather than escaping it. That means that, in essence, that is how I will conclude this podcast. The only thing you have to do in essence through life is to face what comes up for you when you feel pain.

The more you heal and start to find a higher state of being – a state of love, of light gratitude, of harmony. – the more that we will find a kind of collective peace. The more that we can change the course of history, the more probable a new outcome will be possible.

It is my belief that we are in a time where more and more people are healing themselves. They are finding that ability to become quiet, to look at their darkness like I’ve been talking about in the beginning, the traumas, the pain, the struggles. We are finding that ability to look at that stuff inside because when we allow it, when we see it as it is not judging it, simply self-loving observation.

We can heal from our social triggers

If you are experiencing grief, if you are experiencing sadness, anger, frustration, whatever – it doesn’t matter who or what the trigger is. It doesn’t matter what happens in the outer world. It doesn’t matter that someone triggered that feeling inside of you by doing or saying something. It is not their fault. It is not the government’s fault. The government might be triggering certain fear in you, but it is not their fault. 

The only thing that’s important is what are you experiencing inside? And that is your work, that is your responsibility. That is no one’s responsibility. You see that from a place of self loving observation. You breathe to it, you dance with it, you ice-bath with it, you sweat-lodge with it. I don’t care how you want to do it – you connect with it. You allow it, and that’s how it will disappear. 

That is the internal work that we are here to do in life – heal yourself. That is what we’re doing here on this Earth collectively – as a humanity. And this is how we all have the power to change the course of history – to change the story. You can choose to participate in it – and you can choose not to participate in it, because you have complete freedom of choice – but I hope that you will be choosing what’s right for you.

I get more in-depth on this topic in episode 018 of my podcast, The Spiritual Game of Business. Check it out now – available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

New Year Reflection: Looking Within

Looking Within: A New Year Reflection

Looking within at this New Year, you may find yourself in a time of reflection on the year that passed, and the year that is to come.

What went well? What didn’t go well? What do you want to change or improve for the New Year? What do you want to keep, and what do you want to let go of?

While these questions are good for us to ask ourselves, they often only reach so far beneath the surface of our financial and physical goals. What I’d like to encourage you to do is to look deeper: what has been your SOUL’s journey in this year, and where is your SOUL going in this New Year?

This is what it means when you want to escape...

This is what it means when you want to escape…

We all experience feelings that we don’t know how to deal with: discomfort, restlessness, frustrations, anger, worries, fear.

And the first way of dealing with them is by saying they’re not there. 

We choose to go on with our lives because it feels easy and it brings instant fulfillment: it is an immediate way to feel better because we can escape the discomfort that we’re experiencing. And while this may look like a fulfilling path – to keep “being happy” all the time – you’re often not getting to understand yourself and heal.

Over the years, I came to see our life on Earth differently. In the end, we are souls in a body having a human experience. And in this experience, we have to deal with so many difficult experiences. But in many different religions (and with the shamans, who I trained with), there is something called the Path of Enlightenment.

And this path brings you to an awareness where you are so liberated that you know how to truly see and experience those uncomfortable feelings. Through that, they simply disappear.

And you are liberated, not because you aren’t experiencing emotions anymore, but simply because you experience them fully, they pass, and you return to a new base state that you’ve developed: pure, enlightened, simple love.

You don’t “arrive” to this point or search for it. In essence, you’re already there, you just have to peel the onion.

Peeling the onion simply means that every time you experience discomfort, you choose to experience it instead of escaping it. 

You don’t watch Netflix, go to work, masturbate, go out – none of that. You simply close your eyes and experience it.

This is one of the greatest skills to develop: the self-leadership to be with whatever is.

To sit up tall and be with yourself. To own whatever it is that you’re experiencing instead of projecting it on others.

This is the opposite of escaping – the opposite of what most people naturally do if we don’t train ourselves to be present.

1 What have you been escaping?

2 The next time you experience this, will you sit down, close your eyes, and fully experience it? To give it your breath, to make the decision, to give it new perspective, to let it go? Always start through owning what you feel.

How The Shamanic Medicine Wheel Works

How the Shamanic Medicine Wheel Works

Passed down from generations to generations, the Shamanic Medicine Wheel is a key element of the Q’ero nations’ shamanic practices.

The wheel is an embodiment of all that is seen and unseen in this natural world, capturing the essence of all energy and creation.

But what is this iconic wheel? How does it work? And how do we experience it in a plant medicine ceremony?