All there is is this moment

It’s One of the Biggest Spiritual Clichés but it WORKS

One of the biggest spiritual clichés is “all there is is this moment.” It has stood the test of time for a reason: here’s what it can teach us.

“All there is is this moment.” 

It’s something you’ve heard so many times, yet there’s always a difference between 

1 what we hear

2 what we understand

3 and what we really feel to be true in our hearts.

I’m not saying this is true…I’m just saying it’s a big spiritual cliché and Earth is full of them; life is full of them. 

But Earth and Life are also full of many great mysteries. 

There is a reason the Lakota shamans call the Great Spirit (God) the Great Mystery. 

It’s almost this big mystery of: are you able to experience the eternal NOW? 

What this means practically is that you are truly free from the past. 

You know that you are free when you can remember the past, think about the past, and it gives you nothing but love and joy – even the moments that were hard for you before. 

Because there is only the eternal Now. 

If you remember the past and you remember it with pain, sadness, or other negative emotions, that is what you are experiencing in the Eternal Now and you are bringing the past back into the present moment. 

When in reality, there is no past, there is just the Eternal Now. 

And for that reason, we walk a path of healing so we become whole with that past. 

That is why we do inner work. 

With that said, there’s no use in constant anticipation of the future, either. 

I used to be so busy with the future: so far ahead; always dreaming of the next steps and my goals. 

And it always brought me a lot of inspiration and motivation. But even so, I was never truly experiencing the present moment. 

And with that, we are also missing what’s happening in our moment. 

We aren’t truly enjoying our path and enjoying the journey of life. 

The question that remains is: can you let go? 

Can you let go of everything and just be – to find yourself joyful in the eternal now? 

It’s not something that we master (I’m definitely not a master in this) – I’m just reminding you of all the big spiritual clichés out there.


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