Psychedelic Integration Program – Step #1B Guided Ceremonial Writing

In this video I would like to guide you through breathing and writing meditation. In this way you can integrate your experience with plant medication more deeply and new insights may come to you. Intuitive writing is a powerful tool to connect with your subconscious.

It is important to understand that we are always invited to be and remain fully present in our bodies, with all the emotions and feelings we encounter there. Not to leave it as we often (unconsciously) do in the western world, for example by working hard or seeking all kinds of distractions. Then you are never in the Now – in the present moment. Most people in the western world live mainly from their heads and much less from their feelings.

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The preparation
The first invitation is to be present in the here and now.
– Close your eyes and bring your attention inwards.
– Inhale deeply and exhale deeply.
– Breathe deeply into your stomach and wait for the exhalation to follow by itself.
– Feel what is happening in your body.
– Welcome any emotion you experience, even if it is fear, anger, pain or sadness.
– Release any resistance. An emotion is never a problem, it only becomes a problem when we give it that charge. 
– Make contact with your heart. What do you feel when you do that?
– Make contact with your stomach and intuition (your gut feeling). What do you experience?

Intuitive writing
Now take ten to twenty minutes to start writing and integrate your plant medicine experience. Take a book or diary and write intuitively about your experience. Write from the inner peace that you now feel. Write from the inside and do not think about it too much.

“Welcome everything in the moment as it comes.”

(“Truly accepting the moment as it is”)

Go to the silence within yourself and continue to breathe deeply.
Then we focus on the two most important decisions to make in life:
1. How do I live fully in every moment?
What do you choose right now? What reality are you living in this present moment? How is your perception of your life right now? How do you stay in the present moment?

2. What dream or vision do I have for my life and do I want to invite?   
What dream or vision do I have for my life? What feeling do I want to invite into my life? What is the vision I have for the future?

Observe what is happening inside, what you are experiencing and feeling. Welcome all emotions, feelings and experiences. Write about it.
Also include the following questions in your writing meditation.
– What are you grateful for?
– What did you experience in your plant medicine ceremony?
– What do you want to let go of?
– What old conviction, pattern or story do you no longer serve?
– Allow yourself to have a vision for the future, without expectations. If it comes, it comes, if it does not, that is okay. But be open to it.

You can do a breathing and writing meditation like this as often as you like. You will see that it gets getting easier and easier and that it gives you more and more new insights.

This video is part of the free part of the Psychedelic Integration Program

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