Release Yourself From Fears, Convictions, And Patterns That No Longer Serve You

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Have there been moments in your life that you have not gone into? To put it another way: that you did not show up? In this video, I’ll help you to sense whether you’re still being held back by fear and how you can transform that.

Were there moments in your life that you, perhaps unconsciously, have left behind? A moment when a chance or new opportunity presented itself in your life? Perhaps because it felt uncomfortable to deal with it? What chances or opportunities did you leave behind in your business because of fear? Which beautiful woman or man did you never dare to ask out? Afraid of what might happen? Many people live life in a reactive manner.

Growing to the next level

But when we develop ourselves personally, we learn not to let ourselves be stopped by stress or anxiety about what might happen. The power lies in the ability to regularly be silent, to close your eyes and turn inwards, and to be attentive to what presents itself. To feel, process and learn from events so that we can grow to the next level. In this video, I’ll tell you all about it.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • That there are 3 types of responses and which one do you choose?
  • That your fears can be avoided, but that they do not disappear. And how you’re going to see what is behind the fear so that it will no longer stop you in life
  • How you can free yourself from old pains, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you

Insight in this video

Realise that a fear comes from an old, unhealed part of ourselves. If we give that unhealed part space and heal with it, then that fear will not stop you any more.

Questions to ask yourself

Where have you avoided an opportunity in your life? What did you not go into out of fear? Is there something you’ve avoided for a while because it didn’t feel comfortable?
Make room for silence, breathe deeply into your stomach and consider these questions.

I look forward to seeing you in the fourth video


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