Microdose Caapi and Bobinsana to answer BIG questions

Microdose Caapi and Bobinsana to answer BIG questions

Microdosing Caapi and Bobinsana can help you find answers to big questions – but how does this all work? What are these plants and how can they help you? And what is microdosing anyways?

What is microdosing?

Microdosing has become a very trendy topic these days and not many people know what it’s all about or if it’s even legal.

Microdosing is closely connected to plant medicine practices. In traditional plant medicine, plants are used as a healing agent in sacred ceremonies that could go on for hours. In these ceremonies, the plant medicine offers a level of healing and connection that is largely unparalleled.

When we microdose, we are taking a small dose of a hallucinogenic compound – usually in the form of psilocybin mushrooms/truffles and sometimes LSD. You can also microdose with Caapi, one of the two ingredients in Ayahuasca, which we’ll discuss in this article.

We don’t take so much that we get into any form of a psychedelic journey (as we would in a full plant medicine ceremony), but just enough so that we get a slightly increased state of awareness and connection to ourselves.

And yes – microdosing and plant medicines are legal in certain areas of the world, especially in The Netherlands, where I am based. It is also growing in its acceptance world-wide because science is starting to catch up to its healing potential.

What are Caapi and Bobinsana? 

Two popular plant medicines that are used for microdosing are Banisteriopsis caapi and Bobinsana.

Both plants can be found in the South American jungle where it was most traditionally used for sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Caapi is used as a vine and grows close to Bobinsana, which is used for its bark.

Caapi (Banisteriopsis caapi, or B. caapi), is more commonly known as ayahuasca, which has a strong reputation for being an extreme psychedelic that can offer life-changing spiritual and physical healing. However, in smaller microdoses, it does not have this psychoactive effect and can be used to improve mental health, kick addictions, and boost creativity.

Various parts of Bobinsana can be used to treat different ailments, such as rheumatism, uterine disorders, and can boost the nervous system.

On a spiritual level, both Caapi and Bobinsana serve as heart openers. Caapi offers a deeper connection to a greater intelligence, while Bobinsana gives us strength and grounding.

Where can I find a microdose form of Caapi and Bobinsana?

I recently collaborated with Kukuru to launch Shambala, a convenient way to microdose Caapi and Bobinsana. Shambala is a natural herbal preparation based on Caapi and Bobinsana with the aim of opening your heart and connecting with it all. 

Both ingredients come from the Amazon region. There they are collected in the wild in a sustainable way by the local population under the guidance of the shaman.

Shambala is 100% natural, plant-based, and vegan. And microdosing is as easy as just a few drops under the tongue.

What can I expect when I microdose Shambala? 

When you microdose Shambala, you can take 1-6 drops during your meditation, dripped under your tongue. From there, you can open up to whatever it’s bringing you. 

It might bring up emotions that you haven’t felt in a long time so you welcome them and say thank-you to those emotions so that you can see them differently and heal them.

When you walk that path of healing, you become the next better version of yourself – that’s how you learn and grow and heal. 

How can microdosing Shambala help me answer big questions?

Traditionally, Bobinsana is used by tribes when they’re looking for answers to big questions. They would drink Bobinsana for 10 days and invite the wisdom of the plant to work through them and give them the answers they need. This was often used for big decisions, such as choosing a new tribe leader.

When we are faced with big decisions or questions, it can be difficult to find answers or make a choice. With Shambala, you are microdosing the best of two plants that are historically used for finding the truth in a situation: the Caapi plant will soften your heart and open yourself to all possibilities and outcomes and the Bobinsana plant will help you find clarity, balance, and grounding when following through with those big questions and decisions.


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