Are you living up to your full potential? Your body knows the answer

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In a previous video I told you that your business can only grow to the level where you, consciously or unconsciously, feel comfortable because you can control it. What if you fully surrendered and stopped trying to control things? Then your business can grow beyond what you thought possible. And this naturally applies to every area of your life. In this video, I’ll tell you more about it.

Ask yourself where you are trying to control a situation too much. This means that you as a person and your life can only grow to the level at which the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain is triggered. If that happens, you will, unwittingly, want to get away from it because you experience fear. For example, ask yourself: what if you have twice as many employees working for you? Does that evoke an uncomfortable feeling or certain emotions? Do you feel discomfort in your body or your stomach? Or are you really entirely relaxed with that idea? Be fully honest with yourself. It’s not about what your mind thinks about it, it’s about how your body reacts to it. And taking the space to be silent and to turn inwards so that you can make contact with it again. If you experience fear with that question (or a similar question about, for example, money, a relationship or large business projects that you dream of), then you have not yet mastered that piece of potential. In the video (and in the text below) I’ll explain what you can do to grow to your next level.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • How you can heal a piece of yourself when someone triggers you
  • The importance of letting go of control and surrendering yourself to everything that presents itself in your life (and how you do that)
  • Why we do not grow further at a certain moment as a person, in our business or in our lives. And how you break through that.
  • Why breathing deeply into the stomach is so important if you want to grow to the next level

Insight in this video

If we develop the ability to make contact with the body and thus know where our fears may still be holding us back, then we know at what level we organise our lives. Being aware of this ensures that the fear will no longer unconsciously stop you, but that you can make a conscious decision to set your goals. Even if you feel fear! It calms the reactive brain from which your fight-or-flight mechanism operates, and so you reach the higher consciousness that goes beyond that. This way, you can grow to your next level.

Questions to ask yourself

What goals do I not set that I would really like to set deep in my heart, because I experience fear? What if I would earn ten times as much money as I do now? What if I have twice as many employees working for me? What if I put down that big project that I’ve secretly dreamed of for years? What if you owned two more companies? What if you get a business loan and start your first, second or third company? Take the time to be silent, take a deep breath into the stomach and feel how your body responds to these questions. Choose the questions that apply to you. Do you feel tension or an uncomfortable feeling somewhere? Allow anything that comes up next, even if they are emotions.

I look forward to seeing you in video five


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