A Big Mistake We All Make In The West + Finding A Better Way

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The biggest mistake people make in the West is that we want to do far too much in our lives. This has become so normal that we no longer even see that this is very unnatural. We set the bar high and put ourselves under pressure in all kinds of areas of our lives. In this video I’ll tell you more about it and explain how things can be done differently.

If we are constantly busy with goals, targets and performance in our lives, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our body. We often achieve these goals and are then very successful and this can certainly give us great satisfaction. But I see so many people around me who are extremely tired at the same time. I see many people where their feelings of love, pleasure, joy and enjoyment have been subconsciously suppressed because they are so under pressure and busy performing. What’s the reason, deep down, that we want to achieve these goals, that we constantly look for more and better?

What’s your real motivation and drive?

If we are constantly busy, then we don’t have to stand still either, then we don’t have to make contact with what is going on deep inside. In this way, we partly leave ourselves. The shamans who have trained me radiate deep joy; they have developed that ability and they know they need not be more than that. They don’t have to compensate for anything any more, they just have to Be. When I regained the ability to simply be myself, I had much more inner peace. At the same time I also lost a lot of motivation to put things out into the world for a short period. That was because so much of my motivation was because I wanted to prove myself. Partly because I was bullied in the past, I wanted to show the world and myself what I had in me. When I no longer needed that, I felt so much expansion and space. And from there new motivation began to grow, from a completely different place, from my heart. Which made me feel deep joy again. In the video I’ll tell you more about it and tell you my personal story.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • What the biggest mistake that many people in the West make is, a mistake that we no longer even see is a mistake
  • What I mean by integrating spirituality, performing, and contributing to a better world
  • How I came to experience much more joy in my life

Insight in this video

It’s not about being a monk and just meditating on a mountain top. It’s also not about just making money, such as on Wall Street in New York. And however beautiful it is, just being busy with charities and saving whales is also not what I mean. It’s about integrating these three aspects: spirituality, performing, and contributing to a better world. If we integrate all three of these aspects into our lives, we will live more of our full potential! We integrate these parts if we dare to let go of control, surrender to everything that presents itself in our lives, and then choose how we want to behave and what decisions are needed for that. By regularly being silent, making room to turn inwards, breathe deeply and be with what presents itself. These can be emotions, feelings, insights or more peace. 

Questions to ask yourself

What have you been holding on to for far too long? Close your eyes and take the time to feel: what is it that you can let go? Something that, if you let it go, makes room for something new. For a bigger vision. Letting go is the first step, and from the space that then arises, a new vision can come to you.

I look forward to seeing you in the sixth video


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