You Don’t Need a Fortune Teller

STOP asking for help!

It can be satisfying to ask people to help us examine our doubts and questions in life – it helps alleviate the burden we feel of having to face these choices on our own. 

But it doesn’t serve you AT ALL!

Check out this video and read more about why You Don’t Need a Fortune Teller!

When frozen with doubt – how many times have you immediately ran to the people around you in hopes of getting their guidance and consultation?

Or maybe you’ve even gone as far as paying someone like a psychic, tarot card reader, or astrologist to give you the guidance you seek? 

It can be satisfying to approach our doubts and questions this way because it helps alleviate the burden we feel of having to face these choices on our own. 

Maybe it even makes us feel “proactive” because we feel like we are “surveying our options” and “getting a clear view of a situation.” 

But even with this kind of mindset – what is your intention behind asking others for advice? 

More times than not – the intention is rooted in our own doubt of our capacity to face our own doubt! 😲

Wait – WHAT?


When we run to others with questions about the things we doubt in our life – it is because we doubt our ability to face those questions on our own!

But the truth is: you don’t need anyone else to read your cards.

And I learned this while walking the streets of Manhattan – while riding the high of having just completed a deep intensive study of the ancient shamanic traditions of the Q’ero people.

Wild, right? I can’t wait to share my story with you – and how YOU can transform your doubts into empowered CHOICES.

In this video, you will learn…

…how to stop depending on others to make YOUR decisions.

…how to FACE your own doubts with choice.

…how to TRUST your choices.

Check it out and leave a comment with your favorite parts or any questions that come up for you!



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