Why The Entire “Control Your Mind” Theory is WRONG and How to Truly Deal With Fear

Could everything you’ve learned about controlling your mind to date, be wrong?


“If you want to be successful, you have to control your mind. “

… is what they say.

But any person telling you that isn’t seeing the full picture yet.

Because wanting to CONTROL the mind always comes from the fear of losing control.

And fear is never a good place to live from.

Humans want to be FREE.

The experience of FREEDOM is what we’re truly after.

And that freedom is NEVER found by trying to control the mind.

Listening to our heart is the PRACTICE of SURRENDERING to our feelings.

Breath deep. Let go.

Living FREE comes from the ability to SURRENDER.

Be smart. Use your mind what it’s for. But don’t try to control fear.

Let your HEART inform you on your path. In every decision. In every moment.

That is where freedom is found.


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