Jesse van der Velde - Are you spiritually bypassing?

When Spirituality has Become Your “Convenience Store”

Spirituality has become a convenience store for so many people, where they can just stop “real quick” and pick up their daily dose of happiness. 

This convenience store can look like:

  • Buying new crystals
  • Putting new oils in the diffuser
  • Laying down oracle cards, or seeing sequential numbers (like 333), and being so happy with the confirmation we get from the universe

Check yourself: Are you spiritually bypassing?

Even though all of these things are indeed part of our spiritual practice, and there is a lot of beauty in reconnecting and reinviting them into your life, they should never become another form of escapism, or spiritual bypassing.

They should never become yet another external factor through which we search happiness.

Ask yourself: “What is my intention for buying these crystals/buying these oils/reading these cards?”

Keep it REAL – have an authentic spiritual practice

The true spiritual practice is being present with what is real. 

And in the end, what is real is love, pure joy, and an awareness of your eternal existence.

However, what will also be real from time-to-time is your pain, your wounds, and your darkness.

Because spiritual practice is about being present with what is real, it is also about being present with the pain, the wounds, and the darkness. It’s about standing still and seeing that in the eye and not being afraid to connect with whatever is going on inside of you.

It’s about not being afraid to be vulnerable to your own pain and your own fear.

Be aware: How do you respond when uncomfortable?

I recently became once-again aware that, when things get uncomfortable in my life, I go to strength.

When there is work that needs to be done, or even in ceremony – when the space in ceremony becomes unstable, I go towards my strength.

Yet, true strength is found in the joy, wisdom, and vulnerability of the heart.

For that reason, true strength is not found in our power – it is mostly found in vulnerability. 

And through that vulnerability, being able to truly show yourself & see yourself.

Avoid Spiritual Bypassing

The message here is: don’t let a spiritual tool become another search for happiness through an external factor.

Understand that the true spiritual practice is being with what is real. 

It’s not always easy, but in the end, it’s the true path that we walk in life.

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