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In this video series, I would like to guide you through a deep internal journey. A journey that I myself began four years ago. It has brought me satisfaction, more inner peace and a greater sense of happiness. I wish you that too.

In the eyes of most people, I was already a very successful entrepreneur with three different successful companies. I had been studying personal development for many years, attending many business seminars and living the life I had dreamed of. I knew how to achieve my goals. Until a friend took me to a Shaman for various ceremonies, including a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. And that changed my life…

My story
The shaman asked me, “Jesse, what is your truth?” I didn’t know the answer, but I knew I wanted to know the answer. The process that started afterwards gave me the answers step by step. They were answers to questions I didn’t know I had! That I wasn’t aware of. Questions like: who am I, why am I here, what am I doing here. The shaman became a mentor and so I started a journey of spiritual awareness. My life came in a flow as a result, my vision expanded and I felt satisfaction that I hadn’t felt in my life before. I started to distinguish my thoughts from my heart and my intuition. I could reconnect with a higher consciousness that is always there.

Why it yields so much
I was and am a successful entrepreneur, but before that I was mainly concerned with financial goals and with growth. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just that I felt that something was missing. It didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for. If you start walking an inner path, you can’t go back. And that’s not always fun; emotions like sadness or anger can come up because you have not been able to process them properly before. But if you do it, it will yield a lot! In this video, I’ll tell you my personal story, share the shamans’ greater vision and wisdom and tell you what you can expect from this video series.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • Which question changed my life
  • Which three types of people there are and why we often only live as one of the three types when they can also go together
  • How science supports the vision of shamans
  • More about our collective consciousness

Insight into this video and step 1

A key to making deeper contact with yourself is “silence.” Making room to be silent, to be alone and to turn inwards. Because we’re not always used to that, it requires practice. But by being silent, turning inwards and making room for your feelings, you ignore the reactive part of the brain, the so-called flight-or-fight mechanism. In this way, you can reach the parts of your brain that stimulate creativity and higher consciousness.

A question to ask yourself

I ask you the same question that the shaman asked me: what is your truth? I only found the answer after a year, so give yourself time to find the answer. I stopped looking for the answer, took the time and space to be silent regularly, and so the answer came to me.

I look forward to seeing you in the second video


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