The Key To Business Growth: From Control To Surrender

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I want to talk to you about learning to let go of control. We think we have control in our lives and in our business, but I learned that control is an illusion. We never have real control over events in our lives. Surrender is the key to true growth in your company. I’ll tell you everything about it in this second video.

A few years ago my business mentor, the man with whom I set up my second company, said to me: “Your business can only grow as far as you feel you can control it.” For example, if we’re afraid of losing control when we have to guide multiple employees or when we’re making a lot of profit, if we’re afraid that anything can go wrong, the company will not grow beyond that point.  Because, consciously or unconsciously, we want to keep control.  But there’s no such thing as “having control” — it’s an illusion. We have no real control over the events in our lives. When you stop trying to control it all and can completely surrender to what is presented to you in every moment, your business (and your life) can grow and expand. Then it can grow beyond what you previously thought possible.

What many business coaches say, but what I don’t believe in…

What’s often said by business coaches is that you must learn to control your mind so that you are not guided by your fears. I do not believe that controlling your mind is the way to do this. I believe that the way to do this is to surrender and learn to be completely present in the here and now. To have deep faith in life and be in connection with your own heart. If we are well-connected to our heart, then we no longer have the need to control because we no longer experience those fears. In this video I’ll give you personal examples from my business and life and of how I learned (the hard way) to let go of control.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • The biggest mistake I made on my path of personal development and how you can prevent it
  • How you get from control to surrender and how that benefits your business
  • Personal experiences in my company and in my life that taught me to surrender
  • Why you don’t have to learn to control your mind, like many business coaches say. And that you can never fully control your mind.

Insight in this video

You can let go of control by seeing that control does not exist, that you have no real control over the events in your life. Learn to turn inwards and to be and stay attentive to what presents itself in every moment. To feel if you live from fear, to investigate whether there is an old identity that you hold on to and through which you have made certain decisions in your company or life. Are you living your deepest truth? Do you live through faith and therefore from a place of abundance?

Questions to ask yourself

Are you living your deepest truth? Do you have faith in life? Will you let your heart show you the way? What presents itself in your life at the moment? And do you say yes to it? Can you surrender to life?

Make room for silence and to turn inwards and let the answers come from deep inside. No matter how long it takes for you to find the answers.

I look forward to seeing you in the third video


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