The fundamental difference between Health and being “Free of disease”

There is a fundamental difference between health and “free of disease”.

Most people say “I’m healthy” referring to the fact they’re not ill.

But many of them, unfortunately, are far from optimal health.

Their bodies are struggling.

Struggling to digest the “food-like-products” they eat.
Struggling to store the excess amounts of food they eat.
Struggling to keep going on a lack of sleep and excess stress.
Struggling to perform without adequate rest, silence or inner peace.
Struggling to stay healthy with a lack of water, sunlight and grounding, and not enough nutrients.

The body is strong, it will always strive to provide and stay alive.
But it is our job to listen to its signals.

Choose nutrients over calories.
Choose rest over performance.
Choose activity over sitting.
Choose nature over technology.
Choose calmness and happiness over worries.

Choose “I can” over “I can’t”.

You are not meant to live a life of silent disease, slowly gaining weight or living with illness for the last 20 years of your life.

You are meant to live in joy, health, happiness.

You are meant to have a health span that equals your life span.
Getting there is a path.
Starting, is a choice.

A choice you can always make, regardless of where you are today. Regardless if you currently feel like you have that choice.

Choose true health.

For yourself.
For your family.


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