The 1 profound question every entrepreneur should repeatedly ask themselves

The question every entrepreneur should repeatedly ask themselves is:

WHY am I truly in business?

Business is a spiritual game.

It asks everything of you, every day. It asks you to face every fear, every struggle, every doubt, to build your dream.

Every entrepreneur needs to understand that every single thing happening inside your organisation is a direct REFLECTION of you and what lives inside of you.

Every challenge, every opportunity you see or not see, take or not take, every person you hire or leaves your team.

It is all a reflection of the person you have become, or need to become, to build your dream.

Entrepreneurship is an inner path of becoming.

And the main question and main driver is: WHY am I truly in business?

Once you’ve made it to financial freedom, then what?

Most people then keep going for more and more.

More and more.

Unconsciously still trying to fill that need they couldn’t find within themselves.

The inner path is understanding that part of you and going beyond it.

What are you truly after?

When you die, what is it that you’d like to leave behind?

What is going to live after you die?

We live in a time where anything is possible, and once you live that truth, what do you wish to create that serves a bigger purpose?

That is no easy question to answer.

But the journey to finding out what that is to you is not only worth walking.

It is why you truly became an entrepreneur in the first place.

It is now time to sit down. Quiet your mind. Don’t think.

Set an intention to find your why.

Allow something greater than you to give you an inspiration you might never have had.

For that to happen, get your mind out of the way and feel.

This is your time.

Go live your truth.


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