Thank you Mother Earth

Mother Earth. We thank you for providing a home to all the people, animals, and all that lives. Thank you. We honour you.

We observe past generations haven’t always been a caretaker for you, they weren’t the inhabitant they should have been.

We, this generation, now understand we are all just temporary travellers on the beautiful home you provide to us, with all your magnificent creations.

We hear your cries. We see your warnings. Our understanding has come slow, but it’s coming.

We will commit to living honourably, respectfully and gracefully on your belly. We will breath with you. Live in harmony with all that you provide to us.

We will make new choices, in what we eat, grow, buy, waste, do, don’t do, what type of energy we chose to buy and what we chose to consume. We will grow as you’ve shown us growth can be effortless.

Thank you Mother Earth. We love you.


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