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For me, the path of plant medicine is such a profound path full of wisdom and I find it a privilege to be able to guide you through it. It is a deep inner path where we understand ourselves and life much better. In this video, I would like to share the third principle with you.

There is so much more to become aware of and understand than science. Through a deep inner path, as with the plant medicines, we reconnect with our heart, with nature and with that which is greater than ourselves. That journey in itself is so special and joyful. Of course healing ourselves is both difficult and painful at the same time, as I have experienced myself. I have looked at many dark sides of myself and healed so much pain that it came to light. Every healer is also in his own process to heal himself – and so am I.

The third principle
I often looked outside myself when I did not feel well or when something did not go the way I wanted or had hoped it would. I thought I would have to change something in my environment. Stop my business or go and live among the shamans in nature… But in hindsight I am so glad I did not do that, because something inside me wanted to be healed. So fleeing from that would not have solved the problem.

Of course, sometimes it is important to end something in your life, something that is no longer good for you. But I have learned that you can often only make this decision when you have learned the lessons that are in this situation. This is very much about ‘excited non-expectation’, the third principle in this Psychedelic Integration Program. In a way, can you be excited about everything in your life, even if you do not like it? Can you find your own process, lessons and growth in every situation, instead of projecting your expectations on others? Instead of wanting to escape from the situation or reality.

“Truly find your own medicine within”

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A personal example
“This is not how it supposed to be”, that is the story I have told myself for a while. I have three companies, but growing all three on my own was too much in hindsight. They should make a lot of profit right away, but when that became more difficult, it all came down to me and I kept thinking: this is not how it should be! Things got better when I asked for help, step by step. I had so many expectations of life, of people around me, and had a clear picture of what life should be like. It was a difficult time because my expectations of others and of life did not match my reality at the time. Then struggles arise within yourself.

I had to learn to let go of my expectations. To accept what is really there and to stay with it. With two feet firmly on the ground, without leaving it. To see that things, even if they are not how I want them, are sometimes exactly as they should be. To learn from or grow from. Try to be enthusiastic about the journey of life, with all its situations and events.

“You have made long journeys with the plant medications, but then bring yourself back firmly to earth with two feet.”

“You travelled far and beyond with the plant medicine, but bring yourself back after with two feet solid on the ground”

Assignment in this video
My invitation is to close your eyes and turn inside. Breathe in and out deeply and let this principle affect you. Where can you let go of your expectations? The idea of what life should be like? How can I put my two feet back firmly on the ground? How can I really accept the situation I am in? Because that is what we have to do.

Do you want to continue with the Psychedelic Integration Program?
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This is the last video of the free part of the Psychedelic Integration Program.


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