If you ignore someone’s story, you help them find their truth

If You Ignore Someone’s Story, You Help Them Find Their Truth

If you ignore someone’s (limiting) story, you help them find their truth.

We all consciously (or unconsciously), make up stories that protect us: our mind wants certainty – our mind wants to understand things. 

And telling stories about what, why, and how something happened – this helps us make sense of a situation – especially when we don’t like what happened. It is something we all do. 

We use the tools we have available (our knowledge, perspective, or state of being in that particular moment) to create stories that help us justify or understand a situation, but usually, there is an element to that story that doesn’t serve us.

I see this a lot with my entrepreneur friends: they tell good stories about how they did something that served them – stories that are empowering, but also stories about their adversity. Stories about how they were a victim in a situation.

We write our story in which our role becomes that of the victim – a story doesn’t serve us.

Find a New Perspective for Your Story

Our reality is a matter of perspective, and so many of us are attached to a certain perspective (oftentimes it’s the all-familiar “victim” story).

So naturally, our healing is about finding a NEW perspective – to look at past events differently. 

In order to heal the past and change your future – you must be willing to find a new perspective.

And the #1 way to change your story is by letting it go. We can let go of our own story, and we can help others do this, too.

When You See Others Who Are Trapped in Their Story

As humans, we all have this subtle intuition where we know when something isn’t real – when someone is telling a story that just…isn’t true.

And if we acknowledge that story – if we accept it – we are only affirming the story for that person. We are affirming their victimization – rather than helping them see their story in a new way.

Just as we can see our stories with a new perspective, transforming our “victim” mindset – we too can help the people in our lives see themselves and their story in a new way.

Helping Someone Who Feels Like the Victim of their Life Story

You can still love that person without acknowledging their story (which isn’t real).

You can simply love them for who they are. You can be with them.

You can see them in their highest good – without acknowledging their story.

You can understand that the story they are telling themselves is not their truth.

You can understand that they are experiencing emotions that you are not responsible for. 

And with this understanding, you consciously choose not to affirm their story. 

Tough Love

You might get some push-back when denying someone’s story.

They might struggle with your response – irritated by the fact that you’re not acknowledging their story, because unconsciously, they may be seeking your acknowledgement.

They may be seeking validation for being the victim; validation for why their life is the way that it is.

However, you know deep down that if you ignore someone’s story, you help them find their TRUTH.

You are simply seeing them in love and inviting them to look within – to find a new story – because healing is about finding a new perspective.

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