Find love in every moment: what will that yield for you? Conclusion of this video series.

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This is the last video from this series and so we have gone through a wonderful mini-training together! For that, I am grateful. I’d like to share one more ability that you can develop. I want to tell you that you can find love in every moment. In this video I’d like to tell you what that will bring you.

How can you find love and beauty in every moment? You have probably seen that as quotes on Instagram and other social media channels, but do you actually live it? For example, in moments when you are angry, how can you see love again in that situation? Even if it’s love for yourself! If you are angry, what is the learning moment there? If you are angry with someone, what are you healing in yourself? What opportunity is there in this situation? I certainly don’t mean to say you should let people walk over you; when you’re angry you feel a limit and it’s important to speak out. But you can always choose how you respond.

Are we going to meet each other?

I’m grateful that you’re walking this path and I hope that we’ll meet one day in person. Perhaps at one of the retreats or ceremonies that we regularly organise around Amsterdam. It’s a wonderful place, in safe small groups, to raise your awareness and make contact with your vision and the next steps in your life. I cordially invite you to that! If you prefer online support, then I have an online year program for you. All links are under this post.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • That you always have a choice in the way you look at something and the way you respond. Without losing sight of your own limits.
  • How you can see more beauty and love in everything that happens in your life
  • What we all can learn from the shamans
  • How we can meet each other in person

Insight in this video

Nelson Mandela said: “Nobody is born with hatred for a person with a different skin colour, background or belief. A person learns to hate, and if we can learn to hate then we can also learn to love. Because love is a more natural aspect for people than its opposite.” We can learn to see and allow more love and beauty in life. Without losing sight of your own limits, but by seeing what you want to learn or take from a situation or event. By choosing how you react and how you indicate your limits: angrily or harmoniously? In this way, we also positively influence the people around us.

This has been the last video of this series. I hope it has brought you a lot and I hope to meet you again online or in person!

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