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Fear is the Real Virus – “Lockdown” Meditation: Shamanic Fire Breathing

At a time when so much is happening in our world, it can be easy to let the news drive us into fear and submission, distracting us from our relationship to the Great Spirit. But the thing is, you don’t need to build the pyramids to be closer to the gods. In fact, we can access our infinity through our very own breath. Join me in a sacred Shamanic Fire Breathing practice and reconnect with the Star Nations.

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Fear is the Real Virus

I remember that when the first lockdown started in March, I went into a ceremony. I closed my eyes, ate a few mushrooms, and I called upon my spirit guides – the great spirits. 

I asked them, “What is going on? Let me receive your perspective on this. Let me receive your light and awareness.”

Their answer was, “Do not live in fear. Fear is the real virus.”

As a society, we are often conditioned to live in fear of an outside enemy that could potentially harm us – no matter what that enemy is. You can see this more than ever with what is happening with the Coronavirus: people are losing themselves in fear.

And if we press enough fear upon others and they begin to live in a state of fear, they will allow themselves to be controlled easily. They then live in that part of themselves that is run and controlled by fear – that lower frequency that activates your fight-or-flight mechanism. It’s in this place that the ego starts to take over. The reptilian part of the brain starts to take over and wants to panic-buy toilet paper.

Fear puts us in our houses. 

Fear allows us to be controlled. 

Fear controls a population.

But the thing is, fear is an emotion, and emotions will come and go throughout our life. These emotions are not real – they move through us like air and water.

Find Your Stillness

As fear and other emotions begin to flow, think of them almost in the way that the water swirled around Jesus or God in the ocean. With the ground remaining dry around him, the water swirled around and did not touch him, allowing him to find the stillness in the chaos. 

In this way, we can find the stillness in the fear that has arisen these days. When you see others’ fear, worry, and emotions – imagine yourself finding dry ground and remaining calm amongst the swirling emotions.

Choose a great sense of being, a great sense of awareness.

Choose a sense of stillness.

Of sitting with your eyes closed. 

Choose to find your heart, to find your love…because as cliche as it is, this is the ultimate truth. It is the only thing that is truly you: your heart, your love, and your love for the people in your life.

Let go of what people are saying and thinking.

Let go of what the news is pushing.

Let go of your own thoughts.

Tune into a greater consciousness – a greater light, a greater awareness: something that has always been and always will be.

You Don’t Need to Build Pyramids

There’s a reason why all sorts of ancient traditions built pyramids in Egypt and South America – such as with the Aztecs, the Mayas – they did this because they wanted to honor their gods to be closer to their gods. 

The funny thing is that you don’t need to build the pyramids to be closer to the gods. You just have to acknowledge them. And in our western world, this seems to be the one thing that is forgotten: to acknowledge our gods.

To acknowledge great spirits or as the Lakotas say, “The Great Mystery.”

To acknowledge the existence of something eternal that lives in us, through us, around us.

That which gives light to everything that is – that exists.

This is something that is very hard to comprehend for a Western mind because a Western mind wants to see proof: we are trained to think scientifically and critically.

We applaud ourselves for being “scientists” and critical thinkers – which, YES: please be a critical thinker about certain things. Be a critical thinker about what the news, governments, and propaganda are telling you. Please be a critical thinker.

But what we are doing here is we are reconnecting to something that is deeper and true. Seeing yourself sitting on this planet of Mother Earth with the heavens above.

Something that I love so much about The Lion King is what Simba’s father says to him shortly before being killed:

”Simba, let me tell you something my father told me: look up at the stars. The Great Kings of the past look down upon us from those stars. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those Great Kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I.” 

This is something that shouldn’t be understood with the mind. It can only be understood and felt in the heart.

You do not need to understand the Great Spirit: the reason why the Lakotas call it the “Great Mystery” is because it is a great mystery and it always will be.

Learn to Let Go

Can you sit here and feel Mother Earth below you?

Feel your heart and breath – simply breathe.

Let go. Because this is always step number one.

Acknowledge your own existence.

Acknowledge, the great spirit.

Find your heart, find your breath. Become still.

With every exhale, let go of fear. Let go of worry. Let go of doubt.

Understand that the fears and emotions that arise are merely flowing through you – they are not your truth, nor are they the truth of the situation.

Regardless of what you feel, you were born from love. You are an eternal being. Connected to source energy; connected to the consciousness that lives everywhere. 

It is your process to feel this again so you become aware of who you truly are: an eternal being. Much of our process in life is to reestablish this awareness.

The Hippies Were Right

As I mentioned earlier, when the first COVID lockdown started last March 2020, I went into ceremony and heard wise words from the Great Spirit. One of the things the Great Spirit shared was a deep, cosmic truth. The Great Spirit said:

“Light and dark forces have always been here. They’ve always been playing on Earth in many different forms. And despite the darkness, there’s always a light: there’s love; there’s joy; there’s passion, creativity, sexuality, gratitude – simply being: surrender.”

Yes, the hippies were right: this light is the place to love. Love is all you need.

You can choose to live there, and if you do, you will go through a step-by-step process of healing. Healing, in essence, is really simple: it’s simply a process of letting go of all the emotions you have been conditioned to feel. You simply surrender to what you’re feeling now. 

Surrender can be really difficult because things will come up that we don’t like: all the emotions and feelings that we don’t like. We all fear surrendering deeply because we fear that when we do, emotions will come up that we don’t like. 

Yet we never have to be afraid of those emotions because they are not real. Simply give those emotions your breath and exhale, let them go. Allow them to exist, and allow them to flow through you because they have already been flowing through you. You’ve just been trying to block them and push them away. Stop resisting and let them flow.

These emotions only want to be felt. They want to flow through you so they can excite you again. And this is done through your breath. 

The problem is that sometimes our mind starts identifying with these emotions, we start thinking and wondering if this is us – “Is this who we are?” 

No, you are not these emotions. Simply exhale and instead connect to the heart.

This is the process.

Special Shamanic Fire Breathing Practice

In this episode, I guide you through a very special Shamanic Fire Breathing practice that will clear the energy blocked within the body to allow for the free flow of emotions. I recommend that you check out the full episode to personally experience this profound, healing practice.

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Blessings to you and your family – do not lose your ground in the face of emotions. Stay open and connected to The Great Spirit that is alive within all of us.


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