Evaluate And Open Yourself To A New Direction

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It’s time to evaluate. We are already busy with a number of videos about breathing consciously, being in silence and turning inwards more. What has this brought you so far? Which processes have started? What insights have you had? In this video I want to look back with you to a specific period in your life. The period in which you achieved a goal, but it didn’t give you the satisfaction you were looking for. What can you still learn from it now?

I’d like to take a moment to evaluate. Especially the moment in your life in which you’ve achieved a goal. A goal you’ve been working towards for a long time, but when you achieved it, it didn’t give you the satisfaction you’d expected. When has this happened in your life? Can you then ask yourself if you had perhaps been barking up the wrong tree? Did I strive for something that might not be right for me? Or was it perhaps, unknowingly, for the wrong reasons? For example, if you are pursuing something or looking for something from the outside, because you do not experience it inside and therefore seek confirmation outside yourself. Or if you unconsciously want to prove something to the outside world through this.  If you reflect, when did this happen in your life? If insights arise as a result, consider them. Stay tuned into them. This way you can make a space for it and maybe you can go in a different direction from that experience.  

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • Why it is important to occasionally take the time to evaluate
  • How you can distinguish whether your goals are authentic or unconsciously a way to compensate for something
  • How you make contact with your subconscious and the steps forward that will satisfy you.

Insight in this video

Only if we dare to let go of control and surrender more to the flow of life is there room for a greater vision than you could ever imagine. Not from (again) striving for something or performing, but from your heart. So that the goals you set in your life no longer come from wanting to compensate, prove or experience something that you do not feel inside.

Questions to ask yourself

Go back inside, in silence, with your eyes closed and with deep conscious breathing for at least 15 minutes. Connect with the part of yourself that is whole, that is love, that is beauty. What does that do to you? Then ask yourself: what am I here on earth for? What do I have to do here? What kind of insight then comes from within you? Whether or not you believe in the universe, or in god, or in spirit is not important; let the answer come from your subconscious.

Let me know how it went! I look forward to seeing you in the ninth video.


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