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Calling from the Heart

One of the life principles that the Q’ero shamans live by is when you call upon the Great Spirit (or “God,” as we refer to him in our Western religions), the Great Spirit will always answer. 

However if Spirit calls on you, then YOU answer as well.

Many religions & spiritual traditions refer to this moment in life when we receive a “calling,” & some people even refer to their life’s work or mission as a calling from God. 

Some of us receive this calling through a dream, an insight, an awakening, an intense life experience, or maybe through a journey in plant medicine. And with this calling, a whole new journey begins as we integrate this calling into our day-to-day lives: our business, our work, & even our family. 

Yet some of us might still be waiting for that calling. One of the ways to tell the Great Spirit that you are ready to receive your calling is by telling him through your intentions: “I am ready to receive my calling. I am ready to start a new journey in life.”

My teacher, Alberto Villoldo – with whom I trained in the ways of the Q’ero shamans, along with the teachers of the @FourWindsSociety – said, “If you wish to call upon God or call upon the Great Spirit, there are a million different ways to do this from your head. But in the end, there’s truly only one way and that is to call from your heart.”

There is only one way: can you sit alone, naked, leaving behind everything you believe, who you “need” to be, and what you “need” to do – can you just sit & completely surrender to the Great God? “I am here. Please let me hear you.”

One of the traditional medicine songs that I always sing in ceremony goes like this:

“Grandmother, grandfather, Great Spirit. I stand before you as I am. I stand before you with my heart open. Because my heart is all that I have. Heart is all that I have.”

Take a moment today to sit and find silence, peace, & your breath. Inhale through your heart.

Open your heart to yourself & your journey in life. Present yourself to the Great Spirit.

Don’t anticipate an immediate answer. You will develop the ability to directly communicate with the spirit world later in your journey. Today, let making contact with the Great Spirit simply be enough.


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