Have you every pictured that the day might come, that you’d have to say to your Grandchildren: We are sorry.


Dear Grandchild,

We, my generation, are sorry we ruined the soil, from which you’ll have to eat.

We’re sorry we polluted the air, which you’ll have to breath.

We’re sorry we trashed the oceans, in which you’ll have to swim.

We’re sorry we took down the Amazon, which you need for clean air.

We’re sorry we killed the bees, which you need in order to grow food.

We’re sorry there’s no planet for you to live on.

We’re sorry. We love you.

The question is: Will we say we are sorry. Or will we say we did it.

Dear Grandchild,

We’re proud we helped the world leaders set better priorities.

We’re proud we started nourishing the soil and growing more and more trees.

We’re proud we collectively protected animal rights.

We’re proud Earth is plastic-free and our oceans are clean.

We’re proud there’s no more Child-labor or slavery.

We’re proud to have clean energy, everywhere on Earth.

We’re proud there’s clean water for every human being.

We, my generation, are proud to leave this planet in more beauty, health, harmony, than how we found it.

We did it. We love you.