Three Ways That Psilocybin Truffles Can Help you Become a Great Leader

Committed and driven individuals that strive to carry their teams down the path to success. That is what makes a great leader. But it is of widespread belief that leaders are not born this way. They are moulded by their experiences. Much like riding a bike, or overcoming your fear of public speaking, the skills that underpin great leadership can be learnt.

So how do you become this? The traits that define great leadership are often cultivated through years of strategic training. Which makes you think, isn’t there a quicker way? This time-frame is too long when your team needs a great leader now.

Yet more and more business leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs are tapping in to a refined technique that is turning personal development inside-out. They are using psilocybin truffles to get ahead of the game. Through positive intention and a little magic, this not-so-secret sacred medicine is allowing professionals to become their best self. This article will show you three ways that psilocybin truffles can help you become an outstanding leader.

1. Psilocybin Truffles Can Make You More Present
Psilocybin truffles are a psychedelic substance. They are sold in smart shops in Amsterdam, and have been continuously linked to partying in the Dutch capital. But the psychoactive component in these truffles – psilocybin – has been used by indigineous tribespeople for millennia.

Due to its legal status in many Western nations, the history of research into psilocybin is complex. However, there has been some major breakthroughs in the past fifteen years. Psilocybin has proven to be a miracle cure for depression, which has facilitated an explosion in scientific interest.

What science has found is that truffles can influence the activity in the Default Mode Network (DMN). The DMN is found in everyone, and is considered to be the brain’s mind wandering hub. When your DMN is active, it’s likely that you are unfocused or day-dreaming. Conversely, when you are 100% committed to the task at hand, the DMN is deactivated.

Having an overactive DMN can cause problems, especially as a leader in the workplace. When your DMN is overactive, your mind is wandering constantly. You may not be able to give your attention to others, and they may feel a lack of care on your part. Truffles can help you with this, though. Researchers at Imperial College London gathered volunteers that took psilocybin in their research facility. The volunteers had their brains scanned before and after their psilocybin experience. The researchers observed that the connections between the DMN re-wired in volunteers that took psilocybin. This subsequently made the DMN less active in these volunteers.

By using truffles, you can take back control of your wandering mind, and ultimately become more present in every moment. Tapping in to every moment with mindful awareness is key in cultivating better working relationships with your team, which ultimately affords a better leadership style.

2. Psilocybin Helps You Leave Your Ego At The Door
As Forbes and Harvard Business Review has put it, the ego is the enemy of good leadership. Many CEOs and entrepreneurs are now recognising this, pioneering a completely different leadership approach: servant leadership.

Servant leadership is not a new idea, however. Coined by Robert Greenleaf in the 1970’s, servant leadership ultimately aims to put the team first; as a leader, your main purpose is to maximise the potential of your team members by helping them grow. Bruised egos are no place for this style of leadership, where your complete focus is on the benefit of the team, rather than the benefit of the self.

Sameer Dholakia, an established tech CEO in San Francisco, has adopted this servant leadership style. Dholakia has received immense praise from Glassdoor and Comparably, whilst becoming the most highly rated CEO in 2017. Meeting the people that run the business takes up 50% of his schedule, and contributes to a healthy and happy work environment.

What supposedly helps the most is ending every meeting asking if there is anything that he can personally do to help. This creates an open and honest work environment that facilitates great and insightful new ideas.

So where do psilocybin truffles fit into all of this? Sometimes using truffles will take you to a state of ego-death. And what is ego death? In short, it’s the shedding of the self. A feeling that there is no ‘you’, and a deep sense of connection with every other sentient being. If this seems completely alien, I wouldn’t be surprised. It’s inexplicable, and often only relevant to the person that experiences this.

The fundamental quality of this state is the emphasis of the importance of others, rather than a more egocentric world. Truffle induced ego death can prevent your ego from getting in the way. By focussing more on others, and less on yourself, servant leadership can easily be adopted, and your project will grow alongside the team members that you seek to support.

3. Psilocybin Truffles Can Provide new Perspectives and Heightened Empathy
Another trait that defines a great leader is empathy. Think about it: have you ever had a boss that would never understand other people’s point of view? An insensitive and inconsiderate leader is one that won’t go very far.

Consider this instead: a leader who listens and understands. This is the fundamental trait of a great leader, and one which empathy encompasses.

Empathy is the ability to understand and consider other people’s feelings and experiences. People high in empathy can see the perspective of others very clearly, and psilocybin can provide this much needed perspective.

Psilocybin has the capacity to change the connections in your brain, and therefore change the way you think. Many people that experience a psilocybin trip are stunned by the things that the truffles show them, and often cite this as the catalyst that radically changes their perspective.

Brian, a 50-year old scientist and natural skeptic, participated in one of the first psilocybin studies at Johns Hopkins University. After his participation in the study, Brian’s attitude towards life changed. Brian told Time magazine, “It became absolutely obvious that perspective determines your experience with reality and that maybe being able to take more perspectives than one will give you a more rich and probably more true version of what reality is.” Maria Estevez, another study participant, reported more tolerance and forgiveness towards others, with her friends corroborating this insight.

It is this change in perspective that can help you become a better leader. Being able to understand others perspectives and needs will make your team feel validated. This validation ultimately leads to a healthier and happier workplace, a necessary foundation for more productivity and success.

Tying it all together
So there are the three traits that will lead you on the way to becoming a greater leader. These characteristics live in harmonious interdependence: if you become more present, then you may be more receptive to others needs, ultimately treading the path towards a better leadership style that is more focussed on the team rather than the self. Cultivating these characteristics can benefit both yourself and your team in a profound and unprecedented manner.

To gain these traits, however, psilocybin truffles need to be used with caution. They are powerful tools. Moreover, intention that underpins the use of truffles is hugely beneficial and can’t be overstated. If you wish to cultivate these traits through truffles, then it’s important to consciously acknowledge this.

On top of this, having a space to be able to discuss your truffle experiences with others is of great importance. This can help you evaluate what you’ve learnt, and provide an even deeper insight. Hopefully, through the first hand experience of psilocybin truffles, you can take the same steps as other successful entrepreneurs and finally become an outstanding leader.

Mysticism and Magic – How Mushrooms can Help you Grow

Even though it cannot be documented or proven, it is a one hundred percent convincing experience that so indelibly imprints the psyche that you declare, “Previously I only knew it intellectually, but now I am certain it is real.” – Maria Estevez

Our personalities shift as we grow from child to adult. You wouldn’t get very far in life if you had the same character as you did when you were fifteen. But personal transformation eventually stagnates. As we hit the age of 30, we become more rigid in our patterns of behavior and our character. Your personality does still change, but only in a subtle way and over a very long time.

There are certain life events, however, that can cause a titanic shift in character. Dubbed a quantum change, these events are extremely difficult to study in a scientific setting, as they usually can’t be controlled. Events that lead to a quantum change are rarely initiated by the person as well, as it often and compasses experiences such as the death of a parent.

But a groundbreaking study from John Hopkins University in New York revealed something that can induce a quantum change in a matter of hours – psilocybin.

Magic Mushrooms Make You More Open
51 volunteers were gathered for the study, and given either a placebo or a high dose of psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in magic mushrooms and truffles. Each individual was sat in a calm environment with an experienced clinician who acted as a trip-sitter, to give the volunteer guidance through turbulent times.

Everyone who participated had to take some personality tests, to ascertain how they scored on the Big Five: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

The test was taken before the trip and a few days after the trip, with a follow-up test a year later. Most of these traits remained unchanged after the psilocybin dose, except for one. Many volunteers became monumentally more open than before.

Being more open is related to a wealth of positivity. Open people are more innovative and creative. They are better problem-solvers, and generally report being more satisfied with life. Typically as we age we become less open; on the Big Five test, openness subtly decreases on average one point per decade. But psilocybin mushrooms induced, on average, a four point increase in this same domain.

Amazingly, this change in openness has never been found in another such discrete event that can be studied so well. The only other study that saw true changes in core personality investigated the effects of meditation on the Big Five. But this change took hundreds of hours, many of which were in solitude, demonstrating how much work is needed to drive a change.

Magic Mushrooms give Mystical Experiences
To discover what catalysed this personality change, the researchers also investigated the mystical and spiritual significance of the trips. A mystical experience is thought to be something that makes you feel at peace and joyful, with a sense of oneness and belonging the world. A number of volunteers classed themselves as having a “full mystical experience”. These were the ones that opened up the most.

A mystical experience, by definition, is ineffable. It transcends the barriers of language, and to some it can be so frightening it humbles them. Maria Estevez, one of the participants in the study (62 at the time), can testify to this:

“With my eyes closed, I was overwhelmed with glorious golden light suffused with color, prisms, and rainbows everywhere like a shining hologram. The Light itself was alive, a radiant consciousness of ultimate intelligence, perfect integrity, singularity and purity. The Light composed everything. It pervaded everything. Its presence was benevolent, calm, and intense. It was as if the Light were revealing to me the innermost workings of the universe. Without words, It informed me that It was the source of all physical manifestation and that each event and object had its purpose…”

This is just one of many eloquent accounts attempting to elucidate how the participants felt in that room. Volunteers in a similar psilocybin study ranked the guided trip among the top five most spiritual experiences of their life. A third of them said it was the most profound experience they’ve ever had, some ranking it higher than the birth of their own children.

Going Beyond Your Mind
It is no surprise, then, that mushrooms can change you. By allowing your mind to be aware of things that you were unable to fathom beforehand, you are more likely to open your mind in other facets of life. Again, Estevez can testify to this. She said that unrequited feelings of empathy blossomed after her trip, as it became easier for her to be outwardly more patient towards friends and strangers alike.

But, as with other psychedelic drugs, this story comes as a cautionary tale. Many volunteers, including Estevez, went through feelings of great fear and anxiety during their trip. They came out of the other side in one piece because of expert guidance. If you intend to cultivate a deeper insight into yourself through the use of mushrooms, then expect turbulence on your journey. The safest way to approach this trip of self discovery is to do it in an appropriate setting, with the appropriate support.

If you do consider such a journey, then you have immediately opened up your mind to new possibilities. A whole other world waits patiently. As Aldous Huxley famously said after his first encounter with psychedelics,

“… the man who comes back through the Door in the Wall will never be quite the same as the man who went out. He will be wiser but less cocksure, happier but less self-satisfied, humbler in acknowledging his ignorance yet better equipped to understand the relationship of words to things, or systematic reasoning to the unfathomable Mystery which it tries, forever vainly, to comprehend. ”

Videoseries For More Growth And Happiness In Life

In this video series, I would like to guide you through a deep internal journey. A journey that I myself began four years ago. It has brought me satisfaction, more inner peace and a greater sense of happiness. I wish you that too.

In the eyes of most people, I was already a very successful entrepreneur with three different successful companies. I had been studying personal development for many years, attending many business seminars and living the life I had dreamed of. I knew how to achieve my goals. Until a friend took me to a Shaman for various ceremonies, including a traditional sweat lodge ceremony. And that changed my life…

My story
The shaman asked me, “Jesse, what is your truth?” I didn’t know the answer, but I knew I wanted to know the answer. The process that started afterwards gave me the answers step by step. They were answers to questions I didn’t know I had! That I wasn’t aware of. Questions like: who am I, why am I here, what am I doing here. The shaman became a mentor and so I started a journey of spiritual awareness. My life came in a flow as a result, my vision expanded and I felt satisfaction that I hadn’t felt in my life before. I started to distinguish my thoughts from my heart and my intuition. I could reconnect with a higher consciousness that is always there.

Why it yields so much
I was and am a successful entrepreneur, but before that I was mainly concerned with financial goals and with growth. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, it’s just that I felt that something was missing. It didn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for. If you start walking an inner path, you can’t go back. And that’s not always fun; emotions like sadness or anger can come up because you have not been able to process them properly before. But if you do it, it will yield a lot! In this video, I’ll tell you my personal story, share the shamans’ greater vision and wisdom and tell you what you can expect from this video series.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • Which question changed my life
  • Which three types of people there are and why we often only live as one of the three types when they can also go together
  • How science supports the vision of shamans
  • More about our collective consciousness

Insight into this video and step 1

A key to making deeper contact with yourself is “silence.” Making room to be silent, to be alone and to turn inwards. Because we’re not always used to that, it requires practice. But by being silent, turning inwards and making room for your feelings, you ignore the reactive part of the brain, the so-called flight-or-fight mechanism. In this way, you can reach the parts of your brain that stimulate creativity and higher consciousness.

A question to ask yourself

I ask you the same question that the shaman asked me: what is your truth? I only found the answer after a year, so give yourself time to find the answer. I stopped looking for the answer, took the time and space to be silent regularly, and so the answer came to me.

I look forward to seeing you in the second video