A Big Mistake We All Make In The West + Finding A Better Way

The biggest mistake people make in the West is that we want to do far too much in our lives. This has become so normal that we no longer even see that this is very unnatural. We set the bar high and put ourselves under pressure in all kinds of areas of our lives. In this video I’ll tell you more about it and explain how things can be done differently.

If we are constantly busy with goals, targets and performance in our lives, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and our body. We often achieve these goals and are then very successful and this can certainly give us great satisfaction. But I see so many people around me who are extremely tired at the same time. I see many people where their feelings of love, pleasure, joy and enjoyment have been subconsciously suppressed because they are so under pressure and busy performing. What’s the reason, deep down, that we want to achieve these goals, that we constantly look for more and better?

What’s your real motivation and drive?

If we are constantly busy, then we don’t have to stand still either, then we don’t have to make contact with what is going on deep inside. In this way, we partly leave ourselves. The shamans who have trained me radiate deep joy; they have developed that ability and they know they need not be more than that. They don’t have to compensate for anything any more, they just have to Be. When I regained the ability to simply be myself, I had much more inner peace. At the same time I also lost a lot of motivation to put things out into the world for a short period. That was because so much of my motivation was because I wanted to prove myself. Partly because I was bullied in the past, I wanted to show the world and myself what I had in me. When I no longer needed that, I felt so much expansion and space. And from there new motivation began to grow, from a completely different place, from my heart. Which made me feel deep joy again. In the video I’ll tell you more about it and tell you my personal story.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • What the biggest mistake that many people in the West make is, a mistake that we no longer even see is a mistake
  • What I mean by integrating spirituality, performing, and contributing to a better world
  • How I came to experience much more joy in my life

Insight in this video

It’s not about being a monk and just meditating on a mountain top. It’s also not about just making money, such as on Wall Street in New York. And however beautiful it is, just being busy with charities and saving whales is also not what I mean. It’s about integrating these three aspects: spirituality, performing, and contributing to a better world. If we integrate all three of these aspects into our lives, we will live more of our full potential! We integrate these parts if we dare to let go of control, surrender to everything that presents itself in our lives, and then choose how we want to behave and what decisions are needed for that. By regularly being silent, making room to turn inwards, breathe deeply and be with what presents itself. These can be emotions, feelings, insights or more peace. 

Questions to ask yourself

What have you been holding on to for far too long? Close your eyes and take the time to feel: what is it that you can let go? Something that, if you let it go, makes room for something new. For a bigger vision. Letting go is the first step, and from the space that then arises, a new vision can come to you.

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Are you living up to your full potential? Your body knows the answer

In a previous video I told you that your business can only grow to the level where you, consciously or unconsciously, feel comfortable because you can control it. What if you fully surrendered and stopped trying to control things? Then your business can grow beyond what you thought possible. And this naturally applies to every area of your life. In this video, I’ll tell you more about it.

Ask yourself where you are trying to control a situation too much. This means that you as a person and your life can only grow to the level at which the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain is triggered. If that happens, you will, unwittingly, want to get away from it because you experience fear. For example, ask yourself: what if you have twice as many employees working for you? Does that evoke an uncomfortable feeling or certain emotions? Do you feel discomfort in your body or your stomach? Or are you really entirely relaxed with that idea? Be fully honest with yourself. It’s not about what your mind thinks about it, it’s about how your body reacts to it. And taking the space to be silent and to turn inwards so that you can make contact with it again. If you experience fear with that question (or a similar question about, for example, money, a relationship or large business projects that you dream of), then you have not yet mastered that piece of potential. In the video (and in the text below) I’ll explain what you can do to grow to your next level.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • How you can heal a piece of yourself when someone triggers you
  • The importance of letting go of control and surrendering yourself to everything that presents itself in your life (and how you do that)
  • Why we do not grow further at a certain moment as a person, in our business or in our lives. And how you break through that.
  • Why breathing deeply into the stomach is so important if you want to grow to the next level

Insight in this video

If we develop the ability to make contact with the body and thus know where our fears may still be holding us back, then we know at what level we organise our lives. Being aware of this ensures that the fear will no longer unconsciously stop you, but that you can make a conscious decision to set your goals. Even if you feel fear! It calms the reactive brain from which your fight-or-flight mechanism operates, and so you reach the higher consciousness that goes beyond that. This way, you can grow to your next level.

Questions to ask yourself

What goals do I not set that I would really like to set deep in my heart, because I experience fear? What if I would earn ten times as much money as I do now? What if I have twice as many employees working for me? What if I put down that big project that I’ve secretly dreamed of for years? What if you owned two more companies? What if you get a business loan and start your first, second or third company? Take the time to be silent, take a deep breath into the stomach and feel how your body responds to these questions. Choose the questions that apply to you. Do you feel tension or an uncomfortable feeling somewhere? Allow anything that comes up next, even if they are emotions.

I look forward to seeing you in video five

Release Yourself From Fears, Convictions, And Patterns That No Longer Serve You

Have there been moments in your life that you have not gone into? To put it another way: that you did not show up? In this video, I’ll help you to sense whether you’re still being held back by fear and how you can transform that.

Were there moments in your life that you, perhaps unconsciously, have left behind? A moment when a chance or new opportunity presented itself in your life? Perhaps because it felt uncomfortable to deal with it? What chances or opportunities did you leave behind in your business because of fear? Which beautiful woman or man did you never dare to ask out? Afraid of what might happen? Many people live life in a reactive manner.

Growing to the next level

But when we develop ourselves personally, we learn not to let ourselves be stopped by stress or anxiety about what might happen. The power lies in the ability to regularly be silent, to close your eyes and turn inwards, and to be attentive to what presents itself. To feel, process and learn from events so that we can grow to the next level. In this video, I’ll tell you all about it.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • That there are 3 types of responses and which one do you choose?
  • That your fears can be avoided, but that they do not disappear. And how you’re going to see what is behind the fear so that it will no longer stop you in life
  • How you can free yourself from old pains, beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you

Insight in this video

Realise that a fear comes from an old, unhealed part of ourselves. If we give that unhealed part space and heal with it, then that fear will not stop you any more.

Questions to ask yourself

Where have you avoided an opportunity in your life? What did you not go into out of fear? Is there something you’ve avoided for a while because it didn’t feel comfortable?
Make room for silence, breathe deeply into your stomach and consider these questions.

I look forward to seeing you in the fourth video

The Key To Business Growth: From Control To Surrender

I want to talk to you about learning to let go of control. We think we have control in our lives and in our business, but I learned that control is an illusion. We never have real control over events in our lives. Surrender is the key to true growth in your company. I’ll tell you everything about it in this second video.

A few years ago my business mentor, the man with whom I set up my second company, said to me: “Your business can only grow as far as you feel you can control it.” For example, if we’re afraid of losing control when we have to guide multiple employees or when we’re making a lot of profit, if we’re afraid that anything can go wrong, the company will not grow beyond that point.  Because, consciously or unconsciously, we want to keep control.  But there’s no such thing as “having control” — it’s an illusion. We have no real control over the events in our lives. When you stop trying to control it all and can completely surrender to what is presented to you in every moment, your business (and your life) can grow and expand. Then it can grow beyond what you previously thought possible.

What many business coaches say, but what I don’t believe in…

What’s often said by business coaches is that you must learn to control your mind so that you are not guided by your fears. I do not believe that controlling your mind is the way to do this. I believe that the way to do this is to surrender and learn to be completely present in the here and now. To have deep faith in life and be in connection with your own heart. If we are well-connected to our heart, then we no longer have the need to control because we no longer experience those fears. In this video I’ll give you personal examples from my business and life and of how I learned (the hard way) to let go of control.

Watch the video below

In this video you’ll discover

  • The biggest mistake I made on my path of personal development and how you can prevent it
  • How you get from control to surrender and how that benefits your business
  • Personal experiences in my company and in my life that taught me to surrender
  • Why you don’t have to learn to control your mind, like many business coaches say. And that you can never fully control your mind.

Insight in this video

You can let go of control by seeing that control does not exist, that you have no real control over the events in your life. Learn to turn inwards and to be and stay attentive to what presents itself in every moment. To feel if you live from fear, to investigate whether there is an old identity that you hold on to and through which you have made certain decisions in your company or life. Are you living your deepest truth? Do you live through faith and therefore from a place of abundance?

Questions to ask yourself

Are you living your deepest truth? Do you have faith in life? Will you let your heart show you the way? What presents itself in your life at the moment? And do you say yes to it? Can you surrender to life?

Make room for silence and to turn inwards and let the answers come from deep inside. No matter how long it takes for you to find the answers.

I look forward to seeing you in the third video

About Mother Earth: Will we be PROUD or will we be SORRY?

Have you every pictured that the day might come, that you’d have to say to your Grandchildren: We are sorry.

Dear Grandchild,

We, my generation, are sorry we ruined the soil, from which you’ll have to eat.

We’re sorry we polluted the air, which you’ll have to breath.